Appeals Process

If a patron wishes to disputes fines or fees on their account, the first step is to speak to the Circulation staff member on the desk at the time. Depending on the severity and circumstances, the issue may be forwarded to the Circulation Services Coordinator for consideration. However, if the issue cannot be resolved by Circulation staff, including the Coordinator, the patron should submit a formal appeal.

The appeal form is available below, and must be completed fully. Please outline the entire issue to be resolved, including names, dates, and pertinent facts about your case. We also recommend that you have a suggested remedy to your issue in mind, so that the Library understands your goal. Any questions the Library has may be emailed later, as a request for more information, or clarification. The appeal will go to a review committee comprised of the Circulation Services Coordinator, the Chair of Services, the Dean of the Library, and possibly the subject liason librarian.

The Library will make every effort to resolve outstanding issues by the end of the current semester. Appeals submitted at the end of a semester may not be resolved until the following semester. Except in outstanding circumstances, blocks on university accounts (specifically those for registration and transcript requests) will not be put on a student’s account until a final decision is made.

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