Appeals Process

The initial step in resolving any conflict regarding fines, lost book charges, or charges for damage to any
library materials is to speak with the Head of Circulation. If the patron still disagrees with the library policy regarding library obligations, the appeal process should be initiated by the patron.

Please follow these guidelines to begin the appeal process.

  1. Only the person in whose name the library obligation appears may appeal the obligation.
  2. All library obligations must be paid prior to the appeal hearing. Should the appeal be ruled in the
    appellant’s favor, full reimbursement will be made by the Bursar’s office directly to the appellant.
  3. The online appeal form must be completed and submitted.
  4. Every attempt will be made to complete the hearing and render a decision within the semester the complaint is made. If the complaint is made at the end of a semester, the appeal process may extend into the following semester.

To begin the appeal process, you must submit the form below. All information requested must be complete. A thorough statement of the facts and the remedy sought should be included.

The online appeal form will be sent to the Head of Circulation to review and provide comment, specifically addressing the remedy sought. This comment and review will be submitted to the patron. If the matter is
resolved between the patron and the library, the appeal will end.

If the patron does not agree with the proposal from the Head of Circulation, the appeal form should be
returned to the originator with additional comments. The appeal will be forwarded to the Associate Dean (and
the Subject Specialist if appropriate) for review and final comment. The patron and the Head of Circulation
will be informed of the final decision. Once the final decision is rendered, the appeal process has ended.

Please Fill In All Information
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Phone No.:
Nature of the problem you are appealing (provide dates, facts, name of parties involved):

Suggested Remedy: