Circulation General Guidelines

University of New Orleans picture identification card is required for all UNO borrowers. Patrons will not be able
to checkout material without this card, or a special borrower's card available for non-UNO affiliates. Others
who qualify for check out privileges are issued a special borrower's card at the Public Services Desk which is required for check out, as well as a current picture identification card. Items charged to this card remain the responsibility of the individual named on the card. UNO ID's are available in Room 101-Q of the University Computing and Communications building.

Due Dates and Renewals
Due dates vary according to the status of the borrower. For example the standard due date for students, staff and special borrowers is a three week period. Faculty have an annual due date in May of each year. Student may renew materials electronically by going to My Library Record prior to the due date or bringing
items to the Public Services Desk before the due date.
NOTE: Due dates are shortened for students at the close of each semester.

Missing Books or Other Materials
If a patron is unable to locate an item on the shelf, they should check the local resorting shelves located on each floor of the library. Each sorting area is organized in a rough call number order. If the item is not to be found in these areas, patrons are encouraged to notify the Public Services Desk. The patron will be notified after a search is made and provided with further instructions.

Material on Hold
Anyone who can check out library material may request a book checked out by another patron. There is a "place hold" link on the item record. If there is any trouble in placing a hold, please contact the Public Services Desk for assistance. Materials which have been requested by another patron may not be renewed by the original borrower. Holds may not be placed on items that are currently available. Hold items will be held for one week before it is returned to circulation. If there are multiple holds on a book, they will be filled in the order the holds entered the system.

Overdue Fines
All patrons are encouraged to avoid having overdue fines by returning their materials on time. Overdue fines are $.20 per day per item for regularly circulating items. There is a four day grace period for overdue books; on the fifth day, fines will be owed from all overdue dates. Fines for restricted items such as periodicals and 2 hour Reserve materials are $.50 per hour per item. Fines for overnight, 3 day, and 7 day Reserve materials are charged at $5.00 per day per item. Library checkout privileges are suspended whenever any material is overdue or a fine is unpaid.

Lost Material Charges
There is a minimum $60 (including replacement and service charges) fee for each lost book. Outstanding fines are an additional charge. Higher lost material charges may be assessed on higher priced materials. Replacement costs for other library materials are determined on a case by case basis. Only the cost of an item ($45.00) will be reimbursed if the item is located and returned within 30 days of payment. Any questions regarding the cost for replacing lost items may be mediated through the Appeals process. To report lost library materials, contact the Public Services Desk at 280-6355.

Restricted Items
Books in this category include bibliographies and other items which do not circulate regularly. Such items may be stamped DO NOT CIRCULATE or RESTRICTED CIRCULATION. Some of these items may be checked out for
three days by graduate students, staff, and faculty.

In Library Use Only
Such items may not be checked out and do not leave the building. These items are stamped "In Library Use Only." Reference books, indexes and newspapers are considered in library use only.

Bound Periodicals
Only graduate students, staff and faculty may check out bound periodicals. The checkout period varies according to the category of the borrower. Graduate students and staff have three hours and faculty have three days to borrow bound periodicals. Only faculty may check out unbound periodicals and only for three

Reserve Items
Items placed on reserve primarily for class use. The professor designates the length of the checkout period for an item - 2 hour, 3 hour, overnight, 3 day, or 7 day. Most textbooks are on reserve for 2 hours. All reserve items are located behind the Public Services Desk on the 1st floor. You can check to see if your professor has placed something on reserve for your class at the Reserve Desk link on the library home page, or checking the grey binder at the Public Services Desk.

Compact Discs and Video Recordings
These materials can be checked out for 7 days by any category of borrower. They can be renewed once after the initial checkout. CDs and DVDs are available at the Public Services Desk on the first floor. Equipment to view and listen to these resources is available in Room 320.

Student Government DVDs can only be checked out by current students, faculty and staff. Like the other DVDs and CDs, they can be checked out for 7 days, however they have overdue fines of $2.00 per day per DVD, and cannot be renewed.

Vinyl Recordings
These items circulate to faculty only. Other borrowers may use them in the Multimedia Collection, on the 3rd floor, Room 320.

UNO library records relating to an individual patron's use of the library and its resources are considered confidential.