Gregory P. Spano

Education Librarian

Office: Library 320D

Phone: (504) 280-6550

Email: gspano@uno.edu

Greg Spano

Major Responsibilities

The specific duties of my position include:

  • To develop and maintain education collection in the areas of: Educational Leadership, Counseling, & Foundations; Special Education and Habilitative Services; Human Performance & Health Promotion. Also to be a liaison to the above departments within the College of Education.
  • To provide library instruction services to courses in the above departments.
  • To create handouts and web subject guides in the areas of responsibility.
  • To provide general reference desk services as well as subject specific research consultations.
  • To provide reference assistance with the many microforms research collections housed in the Multimedia Collection and to write guides to their use.


  • Friends of the Library—board memberMicroformsCooking
  • Church Organist


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