Marilyn L. Hankel

Associate Dean of Library Services

Office: Library 404

Phone: (504) 280-5563

Email: mhankel@uno.edu


Marilyn L. Hankel's Presentations and Publications

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Journals, Books –

Amsberryaugier, Lora and Marilyn Hankel. “Mining the Decennial Censuses for Louisiana Data, 1940-2000.” Louisiana Libraries 66, no. 3 (Winter 2004): 8-12.

Coonin, Bryna, Wendy Diamond, Catherine R. Friedman, Marilyn Hankel, Loretta Spurling, and Michael R. Oppenheim. “Serving Business Distance Education Students: a Checklist for Librarians.” (From Committees of RUSA) Reference and User Services Quarterly 41, no. 2 (Winter 2001): 144-158.

Hankel, Marilyn, Janette Griffin, Bob Heriard, Mary Frances Lembo, Connie Phelps, and Lea Wade. “Rebooting the Library User Education Program @ UNO.” LLA Bulletin, 60, no. 3 (Winter 1998): 126-135.

Hankel, Marilyn L. “The European Union Depository Library in Louisiana: Access to Information.” LLA Bulletin, 59, no. 4 (Spring 1997): 167-172.

Boettcher, Jennifer, and Marilyn Hankel. “Industrial Ratios,” R3 = Ratios, Ratings & Reference. Editor, Anne L. Buchanan. RUSA Occasional Papers, Number 20. Chicago: Reference and User Services Association, American Library Association, 1996, pp. 57-78.

Hankel, Marilyn. “The Tax Reform Act of 1986 and Its Impact on Real Estate,” CPL Bibliographies, no. 300. Council of Planning Librarians. Chicago, Illinois: American Planning Association, distributor, 1993, 31 p.

Hankel, Marilyn and Frances Skiffington. “Accessibility and Reference Use of the Depository Collection in College and University Libraries.” Reference Librarian, Number 32 (1991): 71-84.
Same article also published in the monograph, Robin Kinder, ed. Government Documents and Reference Services. New York: Haworth Press, 1991.

Boudreaux, Sybil, and Marilyn Hankel. “Electronic Banking: an Annotated Bibliography, 1978-1983. CPL Bibliographies, no. 155. Chicago, Illinois: Council of Planning Librarians, August 1985, 68p.

Reviews –

Hankel, Marilyn. “SHRM Online,” Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship 5, no. 1 (1999): 53-59. Review of the web site of the Society for Human Resource Management, www.shrm.org.

Hankel, Marilyn. Review of Navigating the Networks: Proceedings of the ASIS Mid-Year Meeting, Portland, Oregon, May 21-25, 1994, by Deborah Lines Andersen, Thomas J. Galvin, and Mark D. Guiguere. In Information Technology and Libraries 14 (June 1995): 126-127.

Hankel, Marilyn. Review of New Orleans and the South Central Gulf Real Estate Market Analysis, by UNO’s Real Estate Market Data Center. In LLA Bulletin 57 (Spring 1995): 224-225.

Hankel, Marilyn. Review of The Louisiana Financial Directory, by McFadden Business Publications. In LLA Bulletin 54 (Spring 1992): 234-235.

Hankel, Marilyn. Review of Directory of Louisiana Manufacturers, 1990-91, by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. In LLA Bulletin 55 (Fall 1992): 94-96.


ACRL/LA Newsletter, Association of College and Research Libraries, Louisiana Chapter, 1986-1988.

Other –

Davies, Kimberly and Marilyn Hankel. “Knowing Where to Go to Find Small Business Information.” Louisiana Weekly, 72, no. 31, April 27-May 3, 1998, sec. A, p. 7.


“Serving Distant Learning Business Programs and Students,” presented at Business Reference and User Services Section (BRASS), Reference and User Services Association, American Library Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, June 2002.

“Involving the Community,” Panel member presentation, Friends of Libraries USA, American Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 27, 1999.

“Generation E: Meeting the Needs of the New Entrepreneur,” presented at Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS), Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, D. C., June 27, 1998.

“Integrating Library Traditions with Emerging Technologies,” presentation on UNO’s library user education program, at the Louisiana Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Meeting, Eunice, LA, November 14, 1997.

“User Education on the Web: Teaching Business Research Skills and Strategies,” presented at Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS), Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), American Library Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, June 28, 1997.

“Teaching Electronic Business Information,” presented at Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS), Reference and Adult Services Division (RASD), American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference, San Antonio, TX, January 20, 1996.

Hankel, Marilyn. “Private Commercial Resources: Cost v. Utility – Index to International Statistics.” Presentation at the European Community Depository Library Workshop, “Looking Beyond 1992: Access to EC Information.” Washington, D. C., October 30, 1990.

“Sources of Business Information at a University Library for the Legal Community.” Presentation at the First Annual Conference of the New Orleans Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries, New Orleans, LA, April 27, 1984.

“Government Publications.” Presented to the New Orleans Area Health Science Libraries, Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans, LA, March 31, 1983.

“Close Encounters of the Worst Kind.” Panelist, Online Interest Group Meeting, Louisiana Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, March 25, 1983.

“Access to Government Publications in Social Science and Legal Online Data Files.” Paper presented at pre-conference workshop, “Government Publications: the Online Approach,” sponsored by the Louisiana Library Association, New Orleans, LA, March 23, 1983.

“Sources of Business and Technological Information.” Workshop leader with Kenneth Lacho, Professor of Management, University of New Orleans, at the South Central Regional Inventors Conference, New Orleans, LA, August 1982.