Government Collections

State Documents
UNO Library has been a depository for Louisiana state documents since 1959.We are one of eight complete depositories in the state. Important parts of this collection include documents from the Louisiana legislature
and the Department of Education which includes information from the LSU university system and the catalogs
of all the state colleges and universities. The collection is located on the 4th floor of the library in the
Louisiana & Special Collections Reading Room (room 402). Documents in this collection can be found by using
the print finding aids located in the same department. For more information about this collection contact the Louisiana & Special Collections reading room at 504.280.6544. Web access to various government web pages
and databases are listed on the Internet Resources on Louisiana and New Orleans page.

Federal Documents
The library has been a federal depository since 1964. It currently selects over 90% of the documents
available for distribution through the Federal Depository Library Program. This collection supports the
university as well as the needs of the businesses and people of the second congressional district of Louisiana. Documents are selected according to the federal documents collection development policy and include
documents in all formats: paper, microfiche, CDROMs, DVDs and electronic only materials. Most of the paper
and all of the microfiche documents are located on the 3rd floor of the library on aisle 4. CDROMs, DVDs, Government Documents computer workstations and reference materials are located in the Reference
Department on the 1st floor (public service policy: electronic collection).

Documents acquired beginning in 1976 can be located by searching the library's online catalog. Older materials can be located by using the print finding aids located in Federal Documents on the third floor. Web access to various government web pages and databases are listed on the Government Documents Subject
page. For assistance in using these resources contact the Federal Documents office at 504.280.7276.