UNO Scholar Space:
The Center for Scholarly Communication Initiatives

The Earl K. Long Library is developing a Center for Scholarly Communication Initiatives to promote awareness, advocacy, and implementation of information-sharing endeavors, including the development of a web-based institutional research showcase for the scholarly and creative output of faculty and students. 

louisiana digital library image
This open digital repository will enhance the visibility and accessibility of the university’s intellectual work and can serve as a platform for publishing faculty and student research, institutionally managed e-journals, conferences, and other content.

During the first year, the library will establish the open digital repository.  This entails purchasing equipment or licensing a delivery platform, hiring consultants, developing grad­uate assistantships, and holding a symposium to publicize the initiative and to acquaint the university community with it. 

“The library is one of the stellar components of the university.  It has been absolutely essential to my research, teaching, and writing for upwards of four decades.” – Faculty, Liberal Arts
In the second and subsequent years, focus will be on main­taining equipment, formalizing agreements with colleges to contribute scholarly materials, continuing publicity, and ongoing training.


For more information about helping with the Center for Scholarly Communication Initiatives, contact Library Administration at (504) 280-6556 or print out and mail your donation using the General Enhancement Fund form