Current Internet Issues

Read the summaries of Internet-related issues suggested by other students. Select one that most interests you by clicking in the button to the left of that topic. Then click "Choose It."

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Censorship & Freedom of Speech
Censorship & Freedom of Speech: The Internet raises issues of censorship and freedom of speech. Should governments or other institutions be able to censor the content available on the Internet or does this interfere with an individual's rights? With people from different countries and of all ages on the Internet, should there be consideration of what is appropriate for everyone?
Global Communities
Global Communities: The Internet has enabled cheap, fast communications on a global scale, forming communities with radically new boundaries. Some people use email, chat and listservs to talk with people they may never have met. How will the online community deal with spamming, flaming and unwanted solicitations?
Internet Business
Internet Business: The Internet is one of the newest and fastest growing markets. Advertising, electronic commerce, online banking and online gambling have raised debate about the future economy. How are businesses evolving to target the online community and to meet the demands of new technologies?
Laws & Regulations
Laws & Regulations: The Internet has forced us to examine how our laws apply in cyberspace. With more people of all ages on the Internet it is inevitable that some information may be inappropriate for certain people. Parents consider filtering software; governments debate laws about online pornography; artists and Web designers consider digital copyright. What should be regulated on the Internet?
New Trends
New Trends: People use TVs to surf the Web, Web cameras to glimpse into other people's lives, the Internet for long distance calls. These technologies will radically change the way we live. Sports statistics and stock quotes are all accessible on the Internet. Some sites will even tailor their information to meet your interests. Will it be a better future or a science fiction nightmare?
Security & Privacy
Security & Privacy: Hacking into corporate networks and the spread of computer viruses has risen proportionally with the increase in Internet use. Some information is "shared" unexpectedly as email messages are forwarded to people you may not intend. Is there privacy in an online world? What kind of information is safe to share over the Internet?