How Do I Read a Call Number?
Books and periodicals in the UNO Library have Library of Congress call numbers. You can think of call numbers like addresses for the specific location of items in the library. The library catalog will help you find the call number for each item you want.

An example of a call number is: HQ 801.G95 1998, for the book Online Seductions: Falling in Love with Strangers on the Internet.
  • The first part of a Library of Congress call number will always begin with 1-3 letters. These different combination of letters represent broad subject areas and are shelved alphabetically. In this example HQ stands for Sociology. The UNO Library divides the first three floors by subject area. The first floor has the humanities collection, the second floor has the science collection, and the 3rd floor has the social sciences collection. Just refer to the Stacks Location Chart if you are not sure what subject area your call number represents.
  • Once you have located the materials that start with HQ, look at the number that follows. HQ 801 represents Man Woman Relationships; dating. The numbers that immediately follow the first set of letters in a call number are put in numerical order on the shelf. So this book would be shelved after HQ 800.
  • The second appearance of a letter usually represents the author's name. The G is the first letter of the author's last name.
  • 1998 is the year the book was published.
Remember to write down the entire call number, because in large libraries many items will have similar call numbers.

If you have questions or need help, please stop by, email or call the Reference Desk (504) 280-6549.