Room 407 Request Form

Library Conference Room 407 is available for campus groups and University sponsored events. Please check library hours when requesting a reservation. If you need to submit a work request to Facilities Services or Media Resources, you can contact them at:

Facilities Services: 280-4948 (phone), 280-5582 (fax)
Media Resources: 280-6285 (phone), 280-3984 (fax)

See reservation policy for more information

Sponsoring Organization:
Date Room Needed:
Event Time: Start
Event Time: End
Contact Person


Room set-up must be done by placing a workorder through Facilities Services.
Audio Visual equipment must be ordered from Media Resources.
Any changes or cancellations must be done 3 days prior to the event and only if the room is available for changes in date and time.

Your reservation will be verified via email. Thank you.