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The Earl K. Long Library's New Book List lets you browse a list of newly cataloged books. Most of these books are new titles, but some older books will occasionally appear in the list if they were recently added to the collection or re-cataloged. Only books are listed on these pages; journals, multimedia, theses and dissertations, electronic materials, etc. are not included.

The list is broken down by discipline, based on the university’s academic departments. An individual book appears in a particular discipline according to the Library of Congress call number assigned to it, not because of the departmental allocation from which it was purchased.

A new list is produced once each month, but you can view the previous nine lists by clicking on the link for that time period. The lists are created frequently to keep them short and make browsing easier. As a result all subject areas may not appear on every list.

We hope these lists help you find the new items that the library is continually adding to its collection. If you have questions or comments about the New Book List, please contact Lora Amsberryaugier at

Current List

New Books

New Books - 12-01-2015 to 12-31-2015

Previous Lists

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