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Items added between 8/1/2013 and 8/31/2013

Civil/Environmental Engin. -- 5 Fine Arts -- 1 Music -- 12
Computer Science -- 1 Foreign Languages -- 2 Physics -- 2
Drama & Communication -- 1 History -- 3 Political Science -- 1
Economics & Finance -- 2 Library Science -- 1 Sociology -- 1
English -- 24 Mathematics -- 2

Civil/Environmental Engin.

TD 665 .S716 1992
    Storm water management for industrial activities : developing pollution prevention plans and best management practices. TD665 .S716 1992

TD1050 .W36 S48 1994 V. 1
    Setting priorities for hazardous waste minimization. TD1050 .W36 S48 1994 V. 1

TD1050 .W36 S48 1994 V. 2
    Setting priorities for hazardous waste minimization. TD1050 .W36 S48 1994 V. 2

TE 24 .L8 I59 2013 APPEND.       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Interstate 69, SIU 15, US Highway 171 to Interstate Highway 20 : final environmental impact statement; submitted pursuant to: 42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(c) / by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. TE24 .L8 I59 2013 APPEND.

TE 24 .L8 I59 2013       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Interstate 69, SIU 15, US Highway 171 to Interstate Highway 20 : final environmental impact statement; submitted pursuant to: 42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(c) / by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. TE24 .L8 I59 2013

Computer Science

QA 76.9 .C65 I2 1987
    IASTED International Symposium: Applied Identification, Modelling and Simulation (1987 : New Orleans, La.)
    Applied identification, modelling and simulation, AIMS '87 : New Orleans, Louisiana, November 10-13, 1987 / editor, R.E. Trahan. QA76.9 .C65 I2 1987

Drama & Communication

PN1994 .A672 1957
    Arnheim, Rudolf.
    Film as art. PN1994 .A672 1957

Economics & Finance

HB 171.5 .B314 1976
    Barro, Robert J.
    Money employment and inflation / Robert J. Barro, Herschel I. Grossman. HB171.5 .B314 1976

HC 622 .C6 1930
    Condliffe, J. B. (John Bell), 1891-1981.
    New Zealand in the making: a survey of economic and social development, by J.B. Condliffe. HC622 .C6 1930


PN3499 .N3 1982
    Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977.
    Lectures on literature / Vladimir Nabokov ; edited by Fredson Bowers ; introduction by John Updike. PN3499 .N3 1982

PR2883 .A7
    Arts Council of Great Britain.
    Shakespeare in art; paintings, drawings and engravings devoted to Shakespearean subjects. [Exhibition. PR2883 .A7

PR3533 .I7
    Irwin, George.
    Samuel Johnson: a personality in conflict. PR3533 .I7

PR3537 .B54 D66 1987
    Domestick privacies : Samuel Johnson and the art of biography / edited by David Wheeler. PR3537 .B54 D66 1987

PR3605 .O3 A8 1969
    O'Keeffe, John, 1747-1833.
    Recollections of the life of John O'Keeffe. PR3605 .O3 A8 1969

PR3714 .S53 H3 1970
    Hammond, Lansing V. (Lansing Van der Heyden), 1906-
    Laurence Sterne's Sermons of Mr. Yorick. PR3714 .S53 H3 1970

PR3714 .T73 L3 1973
    Lanham, Richard A.
    Tristram Shandy: the games of pleasure [by] Richard A. Lanham. PR3714 .T73 L3 1973

PR3716 .C7
    Cross, Wilbur L. (Wilbur Lucius), 1862-1948.
    The life and times of Laurence Sterne / by Wilbur L. Cross. PR3716 .C7

PR3716 .H36 1968
    Hartley, Lodwick Charles, 1906-1979.
    Laurence Sterne; a biographical essay, by Lodwick Hartley. PR3716 .H36 1968

PR3727 .J4 1970
    Jeffares, A. Norman (Alexander Norman), 1920-2005,
    Swift. Edited by A. Norman Jeffares. PR3727 .J4 1970

PR3728 .P58 F5
    Fischer, John Irwin, 1940-
    On Swift's poetry / John Irwin Fischer. PR3728 .P58 F5

PR6011 .L5 M53 1980
    Fletcher, J. S. (Joseph Smith), 1863-1935.
    The Middle Temple murder / J.S. Fletcher. PR6011 .L5 M53 1980

PR6013 .O35 L6 1954
    Golding, William, 1911-1993.
    Lord of the flies, a novel. PR6013 .O35 L6 1954

PR6035 .E55 L37 1956
    Renault, Mary.
    The last of the wine / by Mary Renault. PR6035 .E55 L37 1956

PR6041 .P9 S65 1979 VOL. 2
    Upward, Edward.
    The rotten elements / Edward Upward. PR6041 .P9 S65 1979 VOL. 2

PR6052 .U638 Z464 1988
    Burgess, Anthony, 1917-1993.
    Little Wilson and big God : being the first part of the confessions of Anthony Burgess. PR6052 .U638 Z464 1988

PR9639.3 .G4 P58 1979
    Gee, Maurice.
    Plumb / Maurice Gee. PR9639.3 .G4 P58 1979

PR9639.3 .M46 L6 1972
    Middleton, O. E. (Osman Edward), 1925-2010
    The loners / stories by O.E. Middleton ; drawings by Ralph Hotere. PR9639.3 .M46 L6 1972

PR9639.3 .S3 S76 1973
    Sargeson, Frank.
    The stories of Frank Sargeson. PR9639.3 .S3 S76 1973

PS3515 .E343 Z53 1969
    Adler, Jacob Henry, 1926-
    Lillian Hellman, by Jacob H. Adler. PS3515 .E343 Z53 1969

PS3523 .Y88 A6 1984
    Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-
    Stories, Alchemy and others / Andrew Lytle. PS3523 .Y88 A6 1984

PS3545 .E6 Z714 1969
    Isaacs, Neil David, 1931-
    Eudora Welty, by Neil D. Isaacs. PS3545 .E6 Z714 1969

PS3569 .M5377 R67 1997
    Smith, Martin Cruz, 1942-
    Rose / Martin Cruz Smith. PS3569 .M5377 R67 1997

Z 151 .B7
    Bronson, Bertrand Harris, 1902-1986.
    Printing as an index of taste in eighteenth century England. Z151 .B7

Fine Arts

N6505 .N6
    Norman, Jane, fl. 1959-
    Traveler's guide to America's art [by] Jane and Theodore Norman. N6505 .N6

Foreign Languages

PQ1109 .L55 2001 T. 2
    Litterature francaise : textes et contextes / [edited by] Robert J. Berg. PQ1109 .L55 2001 T. 2

PQ2603 .E5875 J713 1983
    Bernanos, Georges, 1888-1948.
    The diary of a country priest / Georges Bernanos ; translated from the French by Pamela Morris. PQ2603 .E5875 J713 1983


D 917 .S66 1970
    Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.
    Travels through France and Italy. Introd. by James Morris. D917 .S66 1970

DU 410 .W34 1955
    Wakefield, Edward Jerningham, 1820-1876.
    Adventure in New Zealand / edited by E. Jerningham Wakefield. DU410 .W34 1955

DU 422 .W48 A3 1956
    Williams, John Brown, 1810-1860.
    The New Zealand journal, 1842-1844, of John B. Williams of Salem, Massachusetts, edited with an account of his life by Robert W. Kenny. DU422 .W48 A3 1956

Library Science

Z4114 .F4 B83
    Burns, James Alexander Scott, 1916-
    New Zealand novels and novelists, 1861-1979 : an annotated bibliography / James Burns. Z4114 .F4 B83


QA 427 .N663 1996
    Nonlinear problems in applied mathematics : in honor of Ivar Stakgold on his 70th birthday / edited by T.S. Angell ... [et al.]. QA427 .N663 1996

QA 431 .I515 1990
    Inverse problems in partial differential equations / edited by: David Colton, Richard Ewing, William Rundell. QA431 .I515 1990


M 288 .B12 A9 1972
    Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750.
    Duets and trios / arranged from the works of Johann Sebastian Bach for two and three tubas by Daniel S. Augustine. M288 .B12 A9 1972

M 452 .B292 NO.1 1956
    Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
    String quartet no. 1 = Streichquartett Nr. 1 : op. 7 / Bela Bartok ; revised by D. Dille. M452 .B292 NO.1 1956

M 452 .B292 NO.2 1948B
    Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
    Second string quartet / Bela Bartok. M452 .B292 NO.2 1948B

M 452 .B292 NO.3 1956
    Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
    IIIeme quatuor / Bela Bartok. M452 .B292 NO.3 1956

M 452 .B292 NO.4 1956B
    Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
    Fourth string quartet / Bela Bartok. M452 .B292 NO.4 1956B

M 452 .B292 NO.6 1941B
    Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
    Sixth string quartet / Bela Bartok. M452 .B292 NO.6 1941B

M 559 .B2 C68 NO.1 1974
    Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750.
    Contrapunctus I : five-part tuba ensemble or large ensemble / J.S. Bach ; arranged by R. Winston Morris. M559 .B2 C68 NO.1 1974

M 559 .M8 Q33 1947
    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791.
    Quintet in F major from the quartet for violin, viola, cello and oboe / W. A. Mozart ; transcribed by Lucien Cailliet. M559 .M8 Q33 1947

M1029 .H25 H.VIID, 3 1970
    Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809.
    Horn-Konzert Nr. 1 : D dur, Hob VIId:3 / Haydn ; [Klavierauszug und Kadenzen von Eusebius Mandyczewski]. M1029 .H25 H.VIID, 3 1970

M1031 .H42 H.VIIE, 1 1960
    Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809.
    Concerto in E flat major, Hob. VIIe, no. 1, for trumpet and piano / Haydn ; [edited and provided with cadenzas by] Roger Voisin. M1031 .H42 H.VIIE, 1 1960

M1031 .H42 H.VIIE, 1 1970Z
    Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809.
    Concerto transcribed for cornet (trumpet) in Bb, with piano accompaniment and variations and cadenzas, by A. Goeyens. M1031 .H42 H.VIIE, 1 1970Z

M1129 .H39 H.VIID, 4 1970Z
    Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809.
    Horn-Konzert Nr. 2, D dur, Hob VIId:4 = D major = Re majeur / Haydn ; [Klavierauszug und Kadenzen von Eusebius Mandyczewski]. M1129 .H39 H.VIID, 4 1970Z


QC 157 .K64 1997
    Kneubuhl, F. K. (Fritz Kurt), 1931-
    Oscillations and waves / Fritz K. Kneubuhl. QC157 .K64 1997

QC 320 .K35 1993
    Kakac, S. (Sadk)
    Heat conduction / Sadk Kakac, Yaman Yener. QC320 .K35 1993

Political Science

KF4150 .P754 2013
    The principal's legal handbook / editors, Mark A. Gooden ... [et al]. KF4150 .P754 2013


E 184 .C5 T8357 2013
    Tsui, Pauline W.,
    History of the Organization of Chinese American Women, 1977-2009 / compiled and edited by Pauline W. Tsui ; project, director, Genevieve Puanani Woo. E184 .C5 T8357 2013