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Items added between 3/1/2014 and 3/31/2014

Accounting -- 1 Fine Arts -- 1 Music -- 2
Biological Sciences -- 4 Foreign Languages -- 3 Naval Arch./Marine Engin. -- 1
Civil/Environmental Engin. -- 4 History -- 14 Physics -- 1
Computer Science -- 2 Hotels, Rest. & Tourism -- 3 Political Science -- 6
Curriculum & Instruction -- 3 Library Science -- 1 Psychology -- 3
Drama & Communication -- 2 Management -- 15 Sociology -- 24
Economics & Finance -- 4 Marketing -- 14 Special Education -- 1
Educational Leadership -- 3 Mathematics -- 1 Urban & Public Affairs -- 5
English -- 10 Mechanical Engineering -- 3


HF5686 .H75 G848 2013
    Guilding, Chris.
    Accounting essentials for hospitality managers / Chris Guilding. HF5686 .H75 G848 2013

Biological Sciences

GE 155 .C2 R58 2013
    River City and valley life : an environmental history of the Sacramento region / edited by Christopher J. Castaneda and Lee M.A. Simpson. GE155 .C2 R58 2013

GE 155 .L8 T44 2014       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Theriot, Jason P., 1975-
    American energy, imperiled coast : oil and gas development in Louisiana's wetlands / Jason P. Theriot. GE155 .L8 T44 2014

GE 155 .L8 T44 2014
    Theriot, Jason P., 1975-
    American energy, imperiled coast : oil and gas development in Louisiana's wetlands / Jason P. Theriot. GE155 .L8 T44 2014

SF 103.4 .L8 C463 2013       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Cenac, Christopher Everette
    Livestock brands and marks : an unexpected bayou country history: 1822-1946 pioneer families, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana /c by Christopher Everette Cenac, Sr. ; with Claire Domangue Joller ; foreward by Clifton Theriot. SF103.4 .L8 C463 2013

Civil/Environmental Engin.

TA 705 .K38 2006
    Kehew, Alan E.
    Geology for engineers and environmental scientists / Alan E. Kehew. TA705 .K38 2006

TA 705 .R587 1996
    Rollings, Marian P.
    Geotechnical materials in construction / Marian P. Rollings, Raymond S. Rollings, Jr. TA705 .R587 1996

TA 710 .L86 1997
    Lunne, Tom.
    Cone penetration testing in geotechnical practice / Tom Lunne, Peter K. Robertson, John J.M. Powell. TA710 .L86 1997

TE 24 .L8 F555 2012       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Final environmental impact statement, I-12 to Bush, Louisiana proposed highway, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana / prepared for US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development ; prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc. TE24 .L8 F555 2012

Computer Science

Q 375 .T348 2014
    Taleb, Nassim Nicholas, 1960-
    Antifragile : things that gain from disorder / Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Q375 .T348 2014

QA 76.9 .D343 M396 2014
    Mayer-Schonberger, Viktor,
    Big data : a revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think / Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier. QA76.9 .D343 M396 2014

Curriculum & Instruction

LB1779 .S416 2011
    Shapiro, Joan Poliner.
    Ethical leadership and decision making in education : applying theoretical perspectives to complex dilemmas / Joan Poliner Shapiro, Jacqueline A. Stefkovich. LB1779 .S416 2011

LC1201 .M37 2014
    Mastropieri, Margo A., 1951-
    The inclusive classroom : strategies for effective differentiated instruction / Margo A. Mastropieri, George Mason University, Thomas E. Scruggs, George Mason University. LC1201 .M37 2014

PZ 7 .T36967 FE 2005       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Thomassie, Tynia.
    Feliciana Feydra LeRoux : a Cajun tall tale / by Tynia Thomassie ; illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith. PZ7 .T36967 FE 2005

Drama & Communication

PN1993.5 .U65 H373 2008
    Harris, Mark, 1963-
    Five came back : a story of Hollywood and the Second World War / Mark Harris. PN1993.5 .U65 H373 2008

PN4192 .W65 J35 2011
    Jahnke, Christine K., 1963-
    The well-spoken woman : your guide to looking and sounding your best / Christine K. Jahnke. PN4192 .W65 J35 2011

Economics & Finance

HC 57 .K4 2014
    Keynes, John Maynard, 1883-1946,
    The economic consequences of the peace / John Maynard Keynes. HC57 .K4 2014

HC 110 .P6 A54 2013
    Abramsky, Sasha.
    The American way of poverty : how the other half still lives / Sasha Abramsky. HC110 .P6 A54 2013

HE 372 .B3 S6 V. 2       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Wilbur Smith and Associates.
    Baton Rouge metropolitan area transportation study. Prepared for Louisiana Dept. of Highways in cooperation with U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Bureau of Public Roads, and East and West Baton Rouge Parishes, including cities of Baton Rouge, Baker, and Port Allen. HE372 .B3 S6 V. 2

HE 554 .N4 A5 1989       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Louisiana. Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans.
    Dock department tariff / issued by Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans. HE554 .N4 A5 1989

Educational Leadership

LB3013.3 .S379 2004
    School violence intervention : a practical handbook / edited by Jane Close Conoley, Arnold P. Goldstein. LB3013.3 .S379 2004

LC2731 .R36 2008
    Ramsey, Sonya Yvette.
    Reading, writing, and segregation : a century of Black women teachers in Nashville / Sonya Ramsey. LC2731 .R36 2008

LC2781 .D82 2001
    Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963.
    The education of Black people : ten critiques 1906-1960 / W.E.B. Du Bois ; edited by Herbert Aptheker. LC2781 .D82 2001


PE1404 .B496 2008
    Beyond the archives : research as a lived process / edited by Gesa E. Kirsch and Liz Rohan ; with a foreword by Lucille M. Schultz. PE1404 .B496 2008

PN 45 .H388 2012
    Hayot, Eric, 1972-
    On literary worlds / Eric Hayot. PN45 .H388 2012

PN 56 .V54 A78 2013
    The art of the text : visuality in nineteenth- and twentieth-century literary and other media / edited by Susan Harrow. PN56 .V54 A78 2013

PR 448 .W65 T48 2014
    Thomason, Laura E., 1973-
    The matrimonial trap : eighteenth-century women writers redefine marriage / Laura E. Thomason. PR448 .W65 T48 2014

PR 605 .I6 I43 2013
    Imagism : essays on initiation, impact and influence / edited by John Gery, Daniel Kempton, and H.R. Stoneback. PR605 .I6 I43 2013

PR4662 .M43 2014
    Mead, Rebecca,
    My life in Middlemarch / Rebecca Mead. PR4662 .M43 2014

PR5853 .H35 2014
    Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850.
    Wordsworth's poetry and prose : authoritative texts, criticism / selected and edited by Nicholas Halmi, University of Oxford. PR5853 .H35 2014

PR9272.9 .W3 A6 2014
    Walcott, Derek.
    The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013 / Derek Walcott ; selected by the poet Glyn Maxwell. PR9272.9 .W3 A6 2014

PS 267 .N49 N34 2014       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Nagel, James.
    Race and culture in New Orleans stories : Kate Chopin, Grace King, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and George Washington Cable / James Nagel. PS267 .N49 N34 2014

PS3552 .U75 Z7427 2014
    Miles, Barry, 1943-
    Call me Burroughs : a life / Barry Miles. PS3552 .U75 Z7427 2014

Fine Arts

NB 623 .B9 A64 1987B
    Hartt, Frederick.
    David by the hand of Michelangelo : the original model discovered / by Frederick Hartt ; sculpture photography by David Finn. NB623 .B9 A64 1987B

Foreign Languages

PQ1278 .G75 2012
    Great French short stories of the twentieth century = Les grandes nouvelles Francaises du vingtieme siecle : a dual-language book / edited and translated by Jennifer Wagner. PQ1278 .G75 2012

PQ3939 .C56 A2 2013       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Choppin, Jules, 1830-1914.
    Jules Choppin (1830-1914) : New Orleans poems in Creole and French / English versions by Norman R. Shapiro ; introduction by M. Lynn Weiss.. PQ3939 .C56 A2 2013

PT2635 .I65 N4913 2014
    Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926.
    New poems / Rainer Maria Rilke ; translated from the German by Joseph Thomas Cadora, and with a foreword by Robert Hass. PT2635 .I65 N4913 2014


DK 34 .B53 A43 2013
    Alexandrov, Vladimir E.,
    The Black Russian / Vladimir Alexandrov. DK34 .B53 A43 2013

E 382 .C45 2013
    Cheathem, Mark Renfred.
    Andrew Jackson, southerner / Mark R. Cheathem. E382 .C45 2013

E 447 .A67 1963
    Aptheker, Herbert, 1915-2003.
    American Negro slave revolts. E447 .A67 1963

E 449 .D24 2014
    Davis, David Brion,
    The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation / David Brion Davis. E449 .D24 2014

E 450 .D56 2014
    Diouf, Sylviane A. (Sylviane Anna), 1952-
    Slavery's exiles : the story of the American Maroons / Sylviane A. Diouf. E450 .D56 2014

E 457.4 .S85 2013
    Stashower, Daniel.
    The hour of peril : the secret plot to murder Lincoln before the Civil War / Daniel Stashower. E457.4 .S85 2013

E 458.8 .K44 2013
    Keehn, David C.,
    Knights of the Golden Circle : secret empire, southern secession, Civil War / David C. Keehn. E458.8 .K44 2013

E 487 .L494 2013
    Levine, Bruce C., 1949-
    The fall of the House of Dixie : the Civil War and the social revolution that transformed the South / Bruce Levine. E487 .L494 2013

E 842.9 .W38 2013       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Weisberg, Harold, 1913-
    Oswald in New Orleans : a case for conspiracy with the CIA / Harold Weisberg ; foreword by Jim Garrison. E842.9 .W38 2013

F 158.9 .N4 D86 2008
    Dunbar, Erica Armstrong.
    A fragile freedom : African American women and emancipation in the antebellum city / Erica Armstrong Dunbar. F158.9 .N4 D86 2008

F 208.5 .S65 2013
    Smith, Jon.
    Finding purple America : the South and the future of American cultural studies / Jon Smith. F208.5 .S65 2013

F 334 .M753 P3883 2013B
    Theoharis, Jeanne.
    The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks / Jeanne Theoharis. F334 .M753 P3883 2013B

F 379 .N575 B682 2014
    Campanella, Richard.
    Bourbon Street : a history / Richard Campanella. F379 .N575 B682 2014

F 379 .N575 B682 2014       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Campanella, Richard.
    Bourbon Street : a history / Richard Campanella. F379 .N575 B682 2014

Hotels, Rest. & Tourism

TX 715.2 .L68 C377 2012       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Carriker, Robert.
    Boudin : a guide to Louisiana's extraordinary link / Robert Carriker; photographs by Denny Culbert. TX715.2 .L68 C377 2012

TX 715.2 .L68 S767 2012       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    St. Pierre, Todd-Michael.
    Taste of Treme : creole, cajun and soul food from New Orleans's famous neighborhood of jazz / Todd-Michael St. Pierre. TX715.2 .L68 S767 2012

TX 724.5 .V5 P44 2014
    Pfefferle, Suzanne.
    Vietnamese cuisine in New Orleans / by Suzanne Pfefferle ; photographs by Lenny Delbert, Sr., and Suzanne Pfefferle. TX724.5 .V5 P44 2014

Library Science

Z 473 .A485 S76 2013
    Stone, Brad,
    The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon / Brad Stone. Z473 .A485 S76 2013


HD 30.28 .M3857 2012
    McNeilly, Mark.
    Sun Tzu and the art of business : six strategic principles for managers / Mark R. McNeilly. HD30.28 .M3857 2012

HD 38.7 .B865 2014
    Business analytics : an introduction / edited by Jay Liebowitz. HD38.7 .B865 2014

HD 53 .B7125 2013
    Brabandere, Luc de.
    Thinking in new boxes : a new paradigm for business creativity / Luc de Brabandere and Alan Iny. HD53 .B7125 2013

HD 57.7 .L4737 2014
    Levine, Alison.
    On the edge : the art of high-impact leadership / Alison Levine ; [foreword by Mike Kryzewski]. HD57.7 .L4737 2014

HD 57.7 .M39245 2012
    Marquet, L. David.
    Turn the ship around! : a true story of turning followers into leaders / L. David Marquet. HD57.7 .M39245 2012

HD 57.7 .R657 2013
    Rosen, Bob, 1955-
    Grounded : how leaders stay rooted in an uncertain world / Bob Rosen. HD57.7 .R657 2013

HD 62.25 .C375 2011
    Carlock, Randel S., 1948-
    When family businesses are best : the parallel planning process for family harmony and business success / Randel S. Carlock, John L. Ward. HD62.25 .C375 2011

HD 62.25 .G74 2011
    Green, Mark T., 1964-
    Inside the multi-generational family business : nine symptoms of generational stack-up and how to cure them / Mark T. Green. HD62.25 .G74 2011

HD 62.25 .P46 2011
    Pendergast, Jennifer M.
    Building a successful family business board : a guide for leaders, directors, and families / Jennifer M. Pendergast, John L. Ward, and Stephanie Brun de Pontet. HD62.25 .P46 2011

HD 266 .L82 E23 1974       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    City-Parish Planning Commission.
    Comprehensive development study : a detailed land use development plan, Sector 13 / [City- Parish Planning Commission]. HD266 .L82 E23 1974

HD6054.3 .S265 2013
    Sandberg, Sheryl.
    Lean in : women, work, and the will to lead / Sheryl Sandberg. HD6054.3 .S265 2013

HD9696.2 .U64 A6737 2013
    Lashinsky, Adam.
    Inside Apple : how America's most admired--and secretive--company really works / Adam Lashinsky. HD9696.2 .U64 A6737 2013

HD9710.4 .U64 C324 2014
    Bouchard, Craig T.
    The Caterpillar way : lessons in leadership, growth, and shareholder value / Craig T. Bouchard and James V. Koch. HD9710.4 .U64 C324 2014

HF5386 .L76524 2012
    Loehr, James E.
    The only way to win : how building character helps you achieve more and find greater fulfillment in business and life / Jim Loehr. HF5386 .L76524 2012

HF5549.5 .M63 M867 2014
    Murphy, Mark A. (Mark Andrew)
    Hundred percenters : challenge your employees to give it their all, and they'll give you even more / Mark Murphy. HF5549.5 .M63 M867 2014


HF5415 .P756 2014
    Pulizzi, Joe.
    Epic content marketing : how to tell a different story, break through the clutter, and win more customers by marketing less / Joe Pulizzi. HF5415 .P756 2014

HF5415.123 .D54 2014
    Dietrich, Gini.
    Spin sucks : communication and reputation management in the digital age / Gini Dietrich. HF5415.123 .D54 2014

HF5415.12615 .L56 2010B
    Lindstrom, Martin, 1970-
    Buy ology : truth and lies about why we buy / Martin Lindstrom ; [foreword by Paco Underhill]. HF5415.12615 .L56 2010B

HF5415.12615 .P73 2010
    Pradeep, A. K., 1963-
    The buying brain : secrets for selling to the subconscious mind / A.K. Pradeep. HF5415.12615 .P73 2010

HF5415.1265 .H3577 2012
    Handley, Ann, 1963-
    Content rules : how to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, Ebooks, webinars (and more) that engage customers and ignite your business / Ann Handley, C. C. Chapman. HF5415.1265 .H3577 2012

HF5415.1265 .K33 2013
    Kabani, Shama Hyder.
    The zen of social media marketing : an easier way to build credibility, generate buzz, and increase revenue / Shama Kabani. HF5415.1265 .K33 2013

HF5415.1265 .S24 2012
    Safko, Lon.
    The social media bible : tactics, tools, & strategies for business success / Lon Safko. HF5415.1265 .S24 2012

HF5415.1265 .S335 2012
    Schaefer, Mark W.
    The Tao of Twitter : changing your life and business 140 characters at a time / Mark W. Schaefer. HF5415.1265 .S335 2012

HF5415.1265 .V39 2013
    Vaynerchuk, Gary.
    Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy social world / Gary Vaynerchuk. HF5415.1265 .V39 2013

HF5415.153 .B463 2013
    Berger, Jonah.
    Contagious : why things catch on / Jonah Berger. HF5415.153 .B463 2013

HF5415.2 .M6226 2014
    Moe, Wendy.
    Social media intelligence / Wendy W. Moe, University of Maryland, College Park, David A. Schweidel, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. HF5415.2 .M6226 2014

HF5415.5 .F728 2012
    Frei, Frances.
    Uncommon service : how to win by putting customers at the core of your business / Frances Frei, Anne Morriss. HF5415.5 .F728 2012

HF5429.5 .B26 C65 1974       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Commercial development study / City-Parish Planning Commission. HF5429.5 .B26 C65 1974

HF5823 .V24 2014
    Van Dyck, Fons.
    Advertising transformed : the new rules for the digital age / Fons Van Dyck. HF5823 .V24 2014


QA 39.3 .E65 2011
    Epp, Susanna S.
    Discrete mathematics with applications / Susanna S. Epp. QA39.3 .E65 2011

Mechanical Engineering

T 173.8 .D536 2012
    Diamandis, Peter H.
    Abundance : the future is better than you think / Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. T173.8 .D536 2012

TA 166 .W528 2004
    Wickens, Christopher D.
    An introduction to human factors engineering / Christopher D. Wickens ... [et al.]. TA166 .W528 2004

TA 403 .M246 2011
    Mamlouk, Michael S.
    Materials for civil and construction engineers / Michael S. Mamlouk, John P. Zaniewski. TA403 .M246 2011


ML3508.8 .N48 H63 2014       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Hobson, Vic.
    Creating jazz counterpoint : New Orleans, barbershop harmony, and the blues / Vic Hobson. ML3508.8 .N48 H63 2014

ML3916 .M83 2008
    Music and conflict transformation : harmonies and dissonances in geopolitics / edited by Olivier Urbain. ML3916 .M83 2008

Naval Arch./Marine Engin.

VM 156 .R67 2009
    Ross, Jonathan M.
    Human factors for naval marine vehicle design and operation / Jonathan M. Ross. VM156 .R67 2009


QC 903 .G895 2013
    Guzman, Andrew T.
    Overheated : the human cost of climate change / Andrew T. Guzman. QC903 .G895 2013

Political Science

JC 573.2 .E85 R54 2013
    Right-wing radicalism today : perspectives from Europe and the US / edited by Sabine von Mering and Timothy Wyman McCarty. JC573.2 .E85 R54 2013

JK4745 .L68 NO. 04-1-0012       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Louisiana. Office of State Inspector General.
    Ogden Museum of Southern Art : report / by Whitman J. Kling, Jr. JK4745 .L68 NO. 04-1-0012

JN 50 .M36 2012
    Mapping the extreme right in contemporary Europe : from local to transnational / edited by Andrea Mammone, Emmanuel Godin and Brian Jenkins. JN50 .M36 2012

JS 78 .U733 2014
    Urban politics : critical approaches / edited by Mark Davidson & Deborah Martin. JS78 .U733 2014

KF4893 .M39 2013
    May, Gary, 1944-
    Bending toward justice : the Voting Rights Act and the transformation of American democracy / Gary May. KF4893 .M39 2013

KF8742 .C69 2013
    Coyle, Marcia.
    The Roberts Court : the struggle for the constitution / Marcia Coyle. KF8742 .C69 2013


BF 321 .G57 2013
    Goleman, Daniel.
    Focus : the hidden driver of excellence / Daniel Goleman. BF321 .G57 2013

BF 335 .D78 2014
    Duhigg, Charles,
    Power of habit : why we do what we do in life and business / Charles Duhigg. BF335 .D78 2014

BF 637 .S8 G6855 2013
    Grant, Adam M.
    Give and take : a revolutionary approach to success / Adam M. Grant. BF637 .S8 G6855 2013


E 185.61 .K349 2014
    Katagiri, Yasuhiro, 1960-
    Black freedom, white resistance, and red menace : civil rights and anticommunism in the Jim Crow South / Yasuhiro Katagiri. E185.61 .K349 2014

E 185.61 .M4777 2010
    McGuire, Danielle L.
    At the dark end of the street : black women, rape, and resistance- a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power / Danielle L. McGuire. E185.61 .M4777 2010

E 185.86 .M3125 2011
    McDuffie, Erik S., 1970-
    Sojourning for freedom : black women, American communism, and the making of black left feminism / Erik S. McDuffie. E185.86 .M3125 2011

HM 743 .T95 B55 2013
    Bilton, Nick.
    Hatching Twitter : a true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal / Nick Bilton. HM743 .T95 B55 2013

HM1106 .F69 2014
    Fox, Alan C.
    People tools : 54 strategies for building relationships, creating joy, and embracing prosperity / Alan C. Fox. HM1106 .F69 2014

HM1206 .S72 2013
    Standage, Tom,
    Writing on the wall : social media, the first 2,000 years / Tom Standage. HM1206 .S72 2013

HN 90 .C6 G55 2005
    Gilderbloom, John Ingram.
    Promise and betrayal : universities and the battle for sustainable urban neighborhoods / John I. Gilderbloom and R.L. Mullins ; foreword by Henry Cisneros. HN90 .C6 G55 2005

HN 380 .Z9 R394 2013
    Varieties of right-wing extremism in Europe / edited by Andrea Mammone, Emmanuel Godin and Brian Jenkins. HN380 .Z9 R394 2013

HN 981 .M3 S53 2013
    Slater, Don,
    New media, development and globalization : making connections in the global South / Don Slater. HN981 .M3 S53 2013

HQ 759 .S6185 2013
    Smith, Katy Simpson, 1985-
    We have raised all of you : motherhood in the South, 1750-1835 / Katy Simpson Smith. HQ759 .S6185 2013

HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013
    Kimmel, Michael S.
    Angry white men : American masculinity at the end of an era / Michael Kimmel. HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013

HQ1123 .W64
    Working it out : 23 women writers, artists, scientists, and scholars talk about their lives and work / edited by Sara Ruddick and Pamela Daniels ; with a foreword by Adrienne Rich. HQ1123 .W64

HQ1178 .Z83 2013
    Zuckerberg, Randi,
    Dot complicated : untangling our wired lives / Randi Zuckerberg. HQ1178 .Z83 2013

HT1093 .F47 2013
    Fergus, Claudius K., 1950-
    Revolutionary emancipation : slavery and abolitionism in the British West Indies / Claudius K. Fergus. HT1093 .F47 2013

HT1162 .P48 2013
    Pettigrew, William A. (William Andrew), 1978-
    Freedom's debt : the Royal African Company and the politics of the Atlantic slave trade, 1672-1752 / William A. Pettigrew. HT1162 .P48 2013

HV 438 .M86 2013
    Munk, Nina,
    The idealist : Jeffrey Sachs and the quest to end poverty / Nina Munk. HV438 .M86 2013

HV4506 .S355 G69 2010
    Gowan, Teresa.
    Hobos, hustlers, and backsliders : homeless in San Francisco / Teresa Gowan. HV4506 .S355 G69 2010

HV6432 .K85 2014
    Kumamoto, Robert D., 1948-
    The historical origins of terrorism in America : 1644-1880 / Robert Kumamoto. HV6432 .K85 2014

HV6721 .L8 M56 1992 PT. 1       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Mirage Resorts Inc.
    Casino Royale, New Orleans : qualifications and proposal submittal to the city of New Orleans for the Rivergate site : a presentation / by Mirage Resorts, Incorporated. HV6721 .L8 M56 1992 PT. 1

HV6721 .L8 M56 1992B       shelved in Louisiana Collection
    Mirage Resorts Inc.
    Casino Royale, New Orleans : qualifications and proposal submittal to the city of New Orleans for the Rivergate site, phase two : a presentation / by Mirage Resorts, Incorporated and Harrah's Casinos. HV6721 .L8 M56 1992B

HV6795 .P5 G76 2006
    Gross, Kali N., 1972-
    Colored amazons : crime, violence, and Black women in the City of Brotherly Love, 1880-1910 / Kali N. Gross. HV6795 .P5 G76 2006

HV8886 .U5 W35 2014
    Wakefield, Sara.
    Children of the prison boom : mass incarceration and the future of American inequality / Sara Wakefield, Christopher Wildeman. HV8886 .U5 W35 2014

HV9469 .P46 2012
    Pettit, Becky, 1970-
    Invisible men : mass incarceration and the myth of black progress / Becky Pettit. HV9469 .P46 2012

HV9471 .D38 1971B
    Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-
    If they come in the morning; voices of resistance, [by] Angela Y. Davis, Ruchell Magee, the Soledad Brothers, and other political prisoners. HV9471 .D38 1971B

Special Education

HV2534 .B75 A3 2013
    Brown, Maxine Childress.
    On the beat of truth : a hearing daughter's stories of her black deaf parents / Maxine Childress Brown. HV2534 .B75 A3 2013

Urban & Public Affairs

HT 166 .F245 2010
    Fainstein, Susan S.
    The just city / Susan S. Fainstein. HT166 .F245 2010

HT 167 .P643 2013
    Policy, planning, and people : promoting justice in urban development / edited by Naomi Carmon and Susan Fainstein. HT167 .P643 2013

HT 167 .T35 2005
    Talen, Emily, 1958-
    New urbanism and American planning : the conflict of cultures / Emily Talen. HT167 .T35 2005

HT 175 .S64 2012
    Speck, Jeff.
    Walkable city : how downtown can save America, one step at a time / Jeff Speck. HT175 .S64 2012

HT 241 .W367 2014
    Wamsler, Christine,
    Cities, Disaster Risk and Adaptation / Christine Wamsler. HT241 .W367 2014