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Size:                          6.5 linear feet



locations:                 New Orleans, Louisiana



dates:                        1968-1977


Summary:                Files compiled by Andrew Rowan Sullivan during research for his Master of Science in Urban Studies thesis, "The Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee for the Metropolitan New Orleans Transportation Planning Program: A Case Study" (University of New Orleans, 1978).



collections               Suzanne L. Ormond Collection (Mss 59); Marta B. Lamar Collection (Mss 62); Michael J. Molony, Jr. Collection (Mss 146)


Source:                     Gift, 1977


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Andrew R. Sullivan Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans




Historical Note



            The Governor’s Citizens Advisory Committee was created by Gov. John McKeithen in 1971.  Its purpose was to encourage citizen participation in the planning of a new Mississippi River Bridge and to propose solutions to transportation problems in the Metropolitan New Orleans area.




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                        Correspondence, July 1971 - October 1977, and n.d.

Correspondents include Michael J. Molony Jr., Plauche Villere, GCAC members, civic groups, consulting firms, and city, state and federal agencies.


109-1                          July 1971 - December 1974.


109-2                          January 1975 - October 1977, and n.d.


190-3              Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee, September 1971 - December 1977, and n.d.

Material includes official reports outlining the structure and status of the Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee as well as policies, membership rosters, attendance records, minutes and agendas, newspaper articles, brochures, television editorials, unidentified notes taken on meetings and responses from civic organizations to the Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee's activities.


109-4              Maps, June 1974, and n.d.

Maps indicating traffic patterns both current and projected, wetlands and reclaimed urbanized areas and roadway upgrading in the Metropolitan New Orleans Area.


109-5              Miscellany, January 1972 - Fall 1977, and n.d.

Assorted schedules, reports, contracts, lists of proposed studies, memos, minutes of committee meetings, reports on the bridge site dispute, and definitions and resolutions from the following agencies:  the Metropolitan Transportation Study, Curtis and Davis, the State of Louisiana, The Mississippi River Bridge Authority, the Regional Planning Commission, the Comprehensive River Area Study, the Intermodel Management Team and the Community Participation Subcommittee.


109-6              Questionnaires, October 1971, and n.d.

Metropolitan Transportation Program questionnaires and sample results concerning transportation problems in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.


                        Reports, February 1968 - June 1977, and n.d.

Bound and photocopied reports from individuals, corporations and public agencies dealing with transportation planning in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.  Reports cover economic, social and environmental impact studies and projections, Mississippi River Bridge planning, airport site evaluations, traffic patterns and projections and alternative transportation planning.  Some items contain handwritten annotations.


109-9                          Air Transport Association of America, 1974.

                                    ATE Management and Service Company, Inc. 1977.

                                    California-San Francisco Bay Transportation, n.d.

                                    Copelin Associates, Inc.  1974.

                                    Curtis and Davis, 1973 - 1974.


109-10                        Curtis and Davis, 1974 - 1976, and n.d.

                                    Dittenhafer, Brian D., 1974.

                                    Diversified Economic And Planning Associate, Inc., 1974.

                                    Dornblatt & Bisso, 1974.

                                    Economic Development Council of the New Orleans Area, n.d.

109-10                        Green & Associates, 1974.

                                    Hammond, Rushton and Weber, 1977.


109-11                        Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff, 1974 - 1976.

                                    Louisiana Office of State Planning, 1971 - 1973.

                                    Maryland-Chesapeake Bay Transportation, n.d.

                                    The Mississippi River Bridge Authority, 1973, and n.d.

                                    Modjeski And Masters Consulting Engineers, 1973, and n.d.

                                    New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, 1973.

                                    New Orleans City Planning Commission, 1973 - 1977.

                                    New Orleans Department of Utilities, 1975.

                                    New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1968.

                                    New Orleans Metropolitan Transportation Program, 1974 - 1976, and n.d.


109-12                        Northrop Airport Development Corporation, 1972 - 1974.

                                    Regional Planning Commission, 1969 - 1977, and n.d.


109-13                        Rosen, Gerald R., 1973.

                                    Saussy, Gordon A., 1972.

                                    Larry Smith & Company, Inc., 1968.

                                    Wilbur Smith and Associates, 1975 - 1977.

                                    Transit Consultants, A Joint Venture, 1976.

                                    Tulane University, 1969 - 1974, and n.d.

                                    Unified Work Program, 1974.

                                    United States Coast Guard, 1974.

                                    United States Department of Housing and Urban Develop­ment, 1971.

                                    United States Department of Transportation, 1972.

                                    Urban Transportation and Planning Associates, Inc., 1971 - 1973.

                                    VTN Louisiana, Inc., 1976, and n.d.

                                    Wall Street Journal, 1974.

                                    Miscellany, 1972 - 1976, and n.d.


109-7              State of Louisiana, April 1971 - August 1972.

Executive orders creating the Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee, the Interagency Planning and Implementation Committee, interdepart­mental agreements between state agencies and authorizing the Gov­ernor's Citizens Advisory Committee to conduct business transactions.


109-8              Sullivan's Notes, n.d.

Typed and handwritten notes created by Sullivan during the preparation of his thesis.  They include attendance charts and summaries of the Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee meetings, and partial drafts of some chapters of the thesis.




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