New Orleans MUNICIPAL election of 2006




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Earl K. Long Library

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August 2006








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locations:                 New Orleans


Inclusive dates:      October 2005-July 2006


Bulk dates:              February-May 2006


Summary:                Collection of miscellaneous material compiled by staff members of the Louisiana and Special Collections Department relating to the New Orleans municipal election of 2006.  Includes newspaper and magazine clippings, candidates’ pamphlets and flyers, voter guides and organizational endorsements, printouts from candidates’ websites, and campaign signs.  The collection contains material related to the mayor’s race as well as the city council races and elections for other parish officials.



collections:              Louisiana Collection Vertical File (campaign ephemera arranged by election year)


Source:                     Compiled by staff, 2006


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    New Orleans Mayoral Election of 2006 Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans




Historical Note


            New Orleans held its first post-Katrina election in two rounds, on April 20 and May 20, 2006.  Not surprisingly, the issues of the hurricane and its aftermath dominated the campaign.  A record 22 candidates emerged to challenge incumbent mayor Ray Nagin; many of these candidates stated that they would not have run for office had it not been for the storm.  New Orleanians became accustomed to seeing a forest of roadside campaign signs for a bewildering array of candidates, sprouting alongside the ubiquitous advertisements for disaster recovery contractors.


            The 2006 election was unique in several respects.  It was held less than eight months after Katrina; over half of the city’s pre-storm population had not returned.  The question of how to deal with an electorate that was dispersed across the country became a prominent issue above and beyond the issues raised by the candidates themselves.  It was also widely believed that the city’s race and class demographics had dramatically shifted as a result of the storm, raising the prospects of a shift in political and electoral power and giving some candidates a chance they might otherwise not have had.  In the end, incumbent mayor Ray Nagin defeated his main challenger – Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu – in a surprisingly close race, 52% to 48%.



Series and Descriptions



Series I.    Newspaper Clippings

                                    Contains clippings concerning the election, assembled from New Orleans publications.  Titles include: New Orleans Times-Picayune, Gambit, Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans CityBusiness, and the New Orleans Tribune.  These clipping files should contain all stories related to the election that were published in these titles, but researchers would be advised to consult other newspapers outside the New Orleans area as well.


Series II.        Campaign Literature

                                    Contains pamphlets, flyers, printouts from candidates’ web sites, and other ephemera advocating the candidacies of various aspirants.




Container List



Series 1.        Newspaper Clippings

                        Contains clippings concerning the election, assembled from New Orleans publications.  Titles include: New Orleans Times-Picayune, Gambit, Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans CityBusiness, and the New Orleans Tribune.  These clipping files should contain all stories related to the election that were published in these titles, but researchers would be advised to consult other newspapers outside the New Orleans area as well.


Box 1


329-1                          Clippings, October-December 2005

329-2                          Clippings, January 2006

329-3                          Clippings, February 2006

329-4                          Clippings, March 1-15, 2006

329-5                          Clippings, March 16-31, 2006

329-6                          Clippings, April 1-8, 2006

329-7                          Clippings, April 9-15, 2006

329-8                          Clippings, April 16-22, 2006

329-9                          Clippings, April 23-31, 2006

329-10                        Clippings, May 1-10, 2006

329-11                        Clippings, May 11-19, 2006           

329-12                        Clippings, May 20-July 2006



Series 2.  Campaign Literature


                  Subseries 2.1.  Pamphlets, flyers, plans


Box 2


329-13                        Pamphlets and Flyers – Mayoral Race

329-14                        Pamphlets and Flyers – Other Races

329-15                        Plans – Johnny Adriani

329-16                        Plans – Ron Forman

329-17                        Plans – Mitch Landrieu

329-18                        Plans – Ray Nagin

329-19                        Voters’ Guides and Electoral Endorsements

329-20                        Website Printouts – Mayoral Candidates – Adriani through Couhig

329-21                        Website Printouts – Mayoral Candidates – Forman through White

329-22                        Website Printouts – Council at Large Candidates

329-23                        Website Printouts – Council District A Candidates

329-24                        Website Printouts – Council District B Candidates

329-25                        Website Printouts – Council District C Candidates

329-26                        Website Printouts – Council Districts D,E Candidates

329-27                        Wikipedia Article – “New Orleans mayoral election, 2006”

329-28                        Official Election Results

329-29                        Ray Nagin’s Inaugural Speech and Accompanying Booklet


                  Subseries 2.2.  Campaign Signs


Box 3                         Sheriffs and Clerks


329-30                        Paul Valteau – Civil Sheriff

329-31                        Justin Zitler – Civil Sheriff

329-32                        Gerald DeSalvo – Criminal Sheriff

329-33                        Marlin Gusman – Criminal Sheriff

329-34                        Dale Atkins – Clerk, Civil District Court

329-35                        Sanjay Biswas – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-36                        Millard Collins – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-37                        David Kent – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-38                        Juana Marine Lombard – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-39                        Arthur Morrell – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-40                        Bob Murray – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-41                        Patricia Boyd Robertson – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-42                        Autumn Town – Clerk, Criminal District Court

329-43                        Nick Varrecchio – Clerk, Criminal District Court


Box 4          Assessors


329-44                                               David Baird – First District

                                    Maria Elliott – First District (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-45                                               Darren Mire – First District

329-46                                               Claude Mauberret – Second District

Errol George – Third District (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-47                                               Erroll Williams – Third District

329-48                                               Gerard Archer – Fourth District  (2 versions)

329-49                                               Betty Jefferson – Fourth District

Chase Jones – Fourth District  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-50                                               Al Coman – Sixth District

329-51                                               Edwin “Win” Stoutz – Sixth District

Charlie Bosworth – Seventh District  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-52                                               Henry Heaton – Seventh District

329-53                                               Braden Robinson – Seventh District


Box 5          Mayor


329-54                                               James Arey

329-55                                               Virginia Boulet

329-56                                               Manny “Chevrolet” Bruno

329-57                                               Kimberly Williamson Butler

329-58                                               Rob Couhig

329-59                                               Sonja “Lady” DeDais

329-60                                               Ron Forman

329-61                                               Marie Galatas

329-62                                               Greta Gladney

329-63                                               Mitch Landrieu

329-64                                               Ray Nagin  (5 versions)

329-65                                               Mac Rahman

329-66                                               Tom Watson

329-67                                               Peggy Wilson


Box 6          Council:  At-Large and District A


329-68                                               Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson - At Large

329-69                                               Les Evenchick - At Large

329-70                                               Arnie Fielkow - At Large

329-71                                               Michael Gray - At Large

329-72                                               Alden Hagardorn - At Large

329-73                                               Carlos Hornbrook - At Large

329-74                                               David Lapin - At Large

329-75                                               Rev. Leonard Lucas, Jr. - At Large

Oliver Thomas – At Large  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-76                                               Roger Wilson - At Large

329-77                                               Jay Batt – District A  (2 versions)

“We ♥ Batt”  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-78                                               “Stop Shelley”

“Anybody but Shelley”  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-79                                               Ray Landeche – District A

329-80                                               Shelley Stephenson Midura – District A

“Anybody but Batt”  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-81                                               Sal Palmisano – District A  (2 versions)

329-82                                               Stephen Saussy – District A  (2 versions)

329-83                                               Tom Wagner – District A


Box 7:                        Council: Districts B and C


329-84                                               Quentin Brown – District B  (2 versions)

329-85                                               Stacy Head – District B

329-86                                               Renee Gill Pratt – District B

329-87                                               Marshall Truehill – District B

329-88                                               “Run Dodie Run” – District B

329-89                                               Jane Ettinger Booth – District C  (2 versions)

329-90                                               James Carter – District C

329-91                                               Julian Doerr – District C

329-92                                               Charles Duffy – District C

329-93                                               Mike Early – District C

329-94                                               Gregg Huber – District C

329-95                                               Kristin Gisleson Palmer – District C  (2 versions)


Box 8:                        Campaign Signs – Council: Districts D and E


329-96                                               Louella Givens – District D

329-97                                               Cynthia Hedge Morrell – District D

329-98                                               Van Robichaux – District D

329-99                                               Cederick Favaroth – District E

329-100                                           Willie Jones, Jr. – District E

329-101                                           Shawn Lockett – District E

329-102                                           Nolan Marshall – District E

329-103                                           Cynthia Willard-Lewis – District E

329-104                                           “Vote Yes – Lakeview Crime Prevention District”


Box 9:                        Campaign Signs – Oversize


329-105                                           Maria Elliott – First District Assessor (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-106                                           Errol George – Third District Assessor (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-107                                           Chase Jones – Fourth District Assessor (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-108                                           Charlie Bosworth – 7th Dist. Assessor (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-109                                           Oliver Thomas – Council At Large  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-110                                           “We ♥ Batt” – Council District A  (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-111                                           “Anybody but Shelley”- Council Dist. A (located in Oversize-Box 9)

329-112                                           “Anybody but Batt”  - Council District A (located in Oversize-Box 9)





Index Terms


Boulet, Virginia

Couhig, Rob

Forman, Ron

Landrieu, Mitch

Nagin, C. Ray

New Orleans – Elections

LouisianaNew Orleans—History—21st century

LouisianaNew Orleans—Politics and government

Watson, Tom