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Earl K. Long Library

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February 2008



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Size:                           0.5 linear foot


locations:                 New Orleans, La.


dates:                        1979-1985

Summary:                 Recordings by punk and new wave musical groups and artists active in New Orleans ca. late 1970s-early 1980s


collections:              Newlin Rock and Roll Collection (Mss 84)

Source:                     Gift, January 2008

Access:                     Access limited by availability of playing equipment.  CDs may be borrowed, upon presentation of identification, for listening in the building.

Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Citation:                    Stephen P. Alleman Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Historical Note

            When the punk and new wave music became an international sensation in the late 1970s, New Orleans, like many other cities in the U.S., developed its own underground music scene.  By the early 1980s, local artists began to issue their own recordings independently because the major labels were not interested.  This collection contains several compilation albums, which at the time was a typical way to feature various artists from a local scene, as well as singles, EPs, and albums issued by the artists themselves.  None of these records sold in any significant quantities, even those by The Cold, who were the biggest draw on the local club circuit.  All of these records were purchased at the old Leisure Landing record store on Magazine St. at the corner of Jefferson, which was then the main source for independently produced punk/new wave records from around the world.  CDRs have been made to preserve the original recordings and to allow for easy listening on computers and compact disc players.

List of Series

Series I.         Original recordings

Series II.        Working copies

Container List

Series I.  Original recordings

337-01            The Backbeats                                                                                            CD #1

All the Fun in the World—[N.p.]: Petset Records, 1983.  BB51883

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Ivan Neville and The Backbeats

            Side 2:

            Side 3:

337-02            Bas Clas                                                                                                        CD #2

“Physical World”/“Serfin USA”—Lafayette, La.: Serfdom Records, 1981.  SR-101

7” 45 rpm single

337-03            The Cold                                                                                                       CD #3

“Do the Dance”/“Missing Hit Man”—New Orleans, La.: Top Pop, 1981.  TP-007

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Cliff Derbins

337-04            The Cold                                                                                                       CD #3

“Mesmerized”/“Wake Up”—New Orleans, La.: Top Pop, 1981.  TP-002

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Vance De Generes & Cliff Derbins

337-05            The Cold                                                                                                       CD #3

16 Songs Off a Dead Band’s Chest—New Orleans, La.: Top Pop Records, 1984.  TP-008

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Side 1:

Side 2:

337-06            The Cold                                                                                                       CD #3

“Thanks a Lot”/“Never Alone”—New Orleans, La.: Top Pop, 1981.  TP-003

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Vance De Generes & Cliff Derbins

337-07            The Cold                                                                                                       CD #3

“You”/“Three Chord City”—[New Orleans, La.]: Top Pop, [1981?].  KRS-611

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Traci Borges

337-08            Crescent City Jam                                                                                      CD #4

                        Philadelphia, Pa.: Pacer, [not before 1981].  PACER 8106

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Buzz Curtis

Side 1:

Side 2:

337-09            Godot                                                                                                                                    CD #1

“All I Want To Do”/“Alex In Wonderland”—[New Orleans, La.?]: Top Pop, 1981.  TP-004

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Godot

337-10            Susie Huete                                                                                                  CD #1

No More Boy/Girl—[New Orleans, La.]: Domain Activities, 1980.  CB 1018

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Susie Huete

            Vice side:

            Versa side:

337-11            Johnny J. and the Hitmen                                                                        CD #7

Nuclear Hayride—New Orleans, La.: Niteshade Records, 1985.  NSR-88

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Alex Chilton

Side 1:

Side 2:

337-12            The Lost Boys                                                                                             CD #2

“My Name Is Lancelot”/“Everybody Makes Mistakes”—[Metairie, La.: Coloco Records, [1981?].  CR-777

7” 45 rpm single

337-13            The Lost Boys                                                                                             CD #2

“Into You”/“Still Best Friends”—Metairie, La.: Coloco Records, [1981?].  CR-778

7” 45 rpm single

337-14            The Manic Depressives                                                                            CD #2

“Going Out with the In-Crowd”/“Silence on the Radio”/”You Know Where You’re Gonna Go”—New Orleans [i.e. Metairie], La.: Vinyl Solution Records 1980.  V/S002

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by L the P

337-15            The Mechanics                                                                                            CD #1

[Self-titled]—[N.p.: no record label], 1979.  M001

12” 45 rpm EP

Produced by The Mechanics

            Side A:

            Side B:

337-16            The Models                                                                                                  CD #2

“In the Red”/“Respected”—[New Orleans, La.?: no record label], 1981.  MR1

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Rick Schexnayder

337-17            The Monsters                                                                                              CD #2

“Calling Dr. Howard—Dr. Fine—Dr. Howard”/“Elmo the Eel”—[Metairie, La.?: no record label], 1982.  [No serial #]

7” 33⅓ rpm one-sided flexidisc

337-18            N.O. Experience Necessary                                                                     CD #5

                        New Orleans: Oblique Records, 1980.  [No serial #]

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Carlos Boll for Lectric Eye

            Side 1:

            Side 2:

337-19            No Questions, No Answers                                                                      CD #6

                        New Orleans [i.e. Metairie], La.: Vinyl Solution Records, 1980.  V/S004

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Larry Holmes for Vinyl Solution Records

            Side 1:

            Side 2:

337-20            Red Rockers                                                                                                CD #7

Condition Red—San Francisco, Calif.: 415 Records, 1981.  415A-0006

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by David Kahne

            Side 1:

            Side 2:

337-21            Red Rockers

Good As Gold—New York: Columbia Records (415 Records), 1983.  BFC 38629

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by David Kahne

            Side A:

            Side B:

337-22            Red Rockers                                                                                                CD #7

“Guns of Revolution”/“Teenage Underground”/“Nothing to Lose”—New Orleans [i.e. Metairie], La.: Vinyl Solution Records, 1980.  VS 0037

45 rpm single

Produced by John Burton & Red Rockers

337-23            Red Rockers

Schizophrenic Circus—New York: Columbia Records (415 Records), 1984.  BFC 39281

12” 33⅓ rpm EP

Produced by Rick Chertoff & William Wittman

            Side 1:

Side 2:

337-24            The Rockabyes                                                                                           CD #2

“Blue Love”/“Other Neighbors”—[New Orleans, La.?: Nite Shade Records, 1982.  NR-003

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by der maw & sons

337-25            Roulette                                                                                                         CD #2

“Without a Second Thought”/“Down Too Long”—Pearl, Miss.: IRS Records & Tapes, 1982.  IRS 1028

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Jimmy Sacca and Roulette

337-26            Shell Shock                                                                                                  CD #2

“Your Way”/“My Brain Is Jelly/Execution Time”—New Orleans [i.e. Metairie], La.: Vinyl Solution Records, 1981.  V/S 005

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by L the P

337-27            Time Zone                                                                                                    CD #1

“Try”/”I Wanna Dance”—[N.p.]: CF Publishing (BMI), 1981.  [No serial #]

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by FGF

337-28            The Uptights                                                                                                CD #1

“I’m Awake”/“Promises (She Isn’t In Love)”—[New Orleans, La.?]: Up Records, 1981.  WB-71581

7” 45 rpm single

Produced by Web Burrell

337-29            Tim Youngblood                                                                                         CD #1

“I Don’t Wanna Give Up”/“Just Getting Along”—New Orleans: Good News Records, 1981.  TY1000

7” rpm single

Produced by T. Youngblood & K. Williams

Series II.  Working copies

337-30            CD #1

                        Singles #1

337-31            CD #2

                        Singles #2

337-32            CD #3

                        The Cold

337-33            CD #4

                        Crescent City Jam

337-34            CD #5

                        N.O. Experience Necessary

337-35            CD #6

                        No Questions, No Answers

337-36            CD #7

                        Red Rockers

                        Johnny J & The Hitmen

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