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October 2010








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Size:                           0.5 linear foot



locations:                 New Orleans, Louisiana


Inclusive dates:      July 9, 2007; January 9, 2009


Bulk dates:               January 9, 2009


Summary:                 Materials (chiefly photographs by Michael F. Sustendal and measured drawings by Scairono Martinez Architects) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) documenting Beauregard Drive and Grant Street structures (residences) at Jackson Barracks (New Orleans, La.), which were damaged extensively by Hurricane Katrina.



collections:              FEMA – Duncan Plaza Collection (Mss 351); FEMA – Xavier Cabrini Church Collec­tion (Mss 352; FEMA – Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School Collection (Mss 361); FEMA – Charles J. Colton School Collection (Mss 362); FEMA – George Washington Carver Middle and High School Collection (Mss 363) ); FEMA – New Orleans City Park Corral/Maintenance Facility Collection (Mss 367)


Source:                     Gift, July 2010


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    FEMA – Jackson Barracks Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans




List of Series



Series I.         Photographs by Michael F. Sustendal, January 9, 2009


Series II.        Measured drawings by Scairono Martinez Architects, July 9, 2007


Series III.       Miscellaneous materials




Historical Note



            Located at 6400 St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans, where the city meets St. Bernard Parish, Jackson Barracks was built in the 1820s and 1830s as a federal garrison for troops protecting New Orleans.  Originally known as New Orleans Barracks, it was renamed in 1866 in honor of Andrew Jackson, who first supported the placement of a military base at the location.


            In 1922 Jackson Barracks was transferred to state control and, since that time, has served as the headquarters of the Louisiana National Guard—but with two interruptions.  The first occurred during World War II, when the federal government leased the installation.  The second resulted from levee failures associated with Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005), which caused severe flooding throughout the vicinity and destroyed most of Jackson Barracks.  Most of the installation was rebuilt from scratch at a cost of about $300,000,000.  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided $35,000,000 to fund the restoration of the Barracks’ military museum and fourteen antebellum homes in the Historic Garrison.


            Four hundred troops, riding out the storm, had to be evacuated by boat to the Mississippi River levee, where National Guard air crews picked them up in Blackhawk helicopters and flew them to safety.  Subsequently the Louisiana National Guard was headquartered at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, Louisiana, until the state’s command flag again was raised at Jackson Barracks on November 5, 2010.


Source:         Paul Purpura, “Life Returns to Historic Jackson Barracks,” New Orleans Times-Picayune, October 31, 2010.




Container List



Series I.  Photographs by Michael F. Sustendal, January 9, 2009


Folder 1


360-1              17 Beauregard Drive, principal façade


360-2              17 Beauregard Drive, oblique 1


360-3              17 Beauregard Drive, oblique 2


360-4              19 Beauregard Drive, principal façade


360-5              19 Beauregard Drive, oblique 1


360-6              19 Beauregard Drive, oblique 2


360-7              22 Beauregard Drive, principal façade


360-8              22 Beauregard Drive, oblique 1


360-9              22 Beauregard Drive, oblique 2


360-10            26 Beauregard Drive, principal façade


360-11            26 Beauregard Drive, oblique 1


360-12            26 Beauregard Drive, oblique 2


360-13            28 Grant Street, principal façade


360-14            28 Grant Street, oblique 1


360-15            28 Grant Street, oblique 2


360-16            29 Beauregard Drive, principal façade


360-17            29 Beauregard Drive, oblique 1


360-18            29 Beauregard Drive, oblique 2


360-19            32 Grant Street, principal façade


360-20            32 Grant Street, oblique 1


360-21            32 Grant Street, oblique 2


360-22            Contextual high view of neighborhood and intersection circle from entrance toward levee (Beauregard Drive south from Grant Street)


360-23            Contextual view east side of Beauregard Drive looking toward levee


360-24            Contextual view west side of Beauregard Drive looking toward levee


Folder 2


360-25            Contextual view 1 of 17 Beauregard Drive


360-26            Contextual view 2 of 17 Beauregard Drive


360-27            Contextual view 1 of 19 Beauregard Drive


360-28            Contextual view 2 of 19 Beauregard Drive


360-29            Contextual view 1 of 22 Beauregard Drive


360-30            Contextual view 2 of 22 Beauregard Drive


360-31            Contextual view 1 of 26 Beauregard Drive


360-32            Contextual view 2 of 26 Beauregard Drive


360-33            Contextual view 1 of 28 Grant Street


360-34            Contextual view 2 of 28 Grant Street


360-35            Contextual view 1 of 29 Beauregard Drive


360-36            Contextual view 2 of 29 Beauregard Drive


360-37            Contextual view 1 of 32 Grant Street


360-38            Contextual view 2 of 32 Grant Street


360-39            Beauregard Drive turns north – Shot to establish back property line to structures south side (levee side)


360-40            22 Beauregard Drive – Shot to establish back property line to structure’s east side


360-41            29 Beauregard Drive – Shot to establish back property line to structure’s west side


360-42            Normal perspectives view from curbside 17 Beauregard Drive


360-43            Normal perspective view from curbside 19 Beauregard Drive


360-44            Normal perspective view from curbside 22 Beauregard Drive


360-45            Normal perspective view from curbside 26 Beauregard Drive


360-46            Normal perspective view from curbside 28 Beauregard Drive


360-47            Normal perspective view from curbside 29 Beauregard Drive


360-48            Normal perspective view from curbside 32 Beauregard Drive


360-49            Living room, 26 Beauregard Drive


360-50            Front door and plaque reading, “Improved by works Progress Administration, 1935-1936,” 28 Grant Street



Series II.  Measured drawings by Scairono Martinez Architects, July 9, 2007


Folder 3


360-51            17 Beauregard Drive


360-52            19 Beauregard Drive


360-53            22 Beauregard Drive


360-54            26 Beauregard Drive


360-55            28 Grant Street


360-56            29 Beauregard Drive


360-57            32 Grant Street


360-58            26 Beauregard Drive



Series III.  Miscellaneous materials


Folder 4


360-58            CD containing images listed above


Folder 5


360-59            Related documentation




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Beauregard Drive (New Orleans, La.)

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Grant Street (New Orleans, La.)

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Jackson Barracks (New Orleans, La.)

Sustendal, Michael F.