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Vertical File Index, Louisiana & Special Collections

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E. F. Hutton
E. Lorenz Borenstein Gallery
E. Lorenz Borenstein Gallery, Sandra Zahn Oreck Gallery
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
E.J. Morris Senior Center
Each One Save One
Earl K. Long Commemorative Area
Earhart Expressway Extension
Earth Day, New Orleans
Earth Flag
East Ascension Parish, Louisiana
East Bank Commercial Fisherman Association
East Baton Rouge Parish
East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court
East Baton Rouge Parish School Board
East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
East Carroll Parish, Louisiana
East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
East Jefferson Business Association
East Jefferson General Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital Auxiliary
East Jefferson General Hospital Elders Advantage
East Jefferson General Hospital Take Care of Yourself
East Jefferson Italian American Society
East Jefferson Newcomers Club
East Jefferson Parish
East Jefferson Parish Association
East Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
East Lake Hospital
East Lake Hospital Coliseum Medical Center
East New Orleans
East Point, Louisiana
East / West Jefferson Louisiana
Easter Seals
Eastern Air Lines
Eastern Governmental Action League
Easy Food: Located Atop the Cabinets
Easy Running
EBCO Auctioneers
Ecology Center of Louisiana
Economic & Industrial Research
Economic Development
Economic Development Council
Ecrevisse Acadienne, USA
Ecumencial Immigration Services
Edgard, Louisiana
Edge, The
Edmundite Missions
Education Improvement Project
Education Miscellaneous Reports
Education Transition Team
Educational Broadcasting Foundation
Educational Technology Review Center
Educational Museum of Natural History
Education Through Historic Preservation
Education, Miscellaneous Reports
Edward Douglas White State Commemorative Area, Thibodeaux, Louisiana
Edward Douglass White State Commemorative Area
Edwards, Edwin W
Egyptian Festival
Elaine P. Nunez Vocational Technical School
Election - 1995
Elections - 1954
Elections - 1955
Elections - 1956
Elections - 1959
Elections - 1964
Elections - 1967
Elections - 1968
Elections - 1969
Elections - 1972
Elections - 1974
Elections - 1975
Elections - 1977
Elections - 1978
Elections - 1979
Elections - 1980
Elections - 1980, Elections 1979, Elections - 1990
Elections - 1981
Elections - 1982
Elections - 1983
Elections - 1984
Elections - 1985
Elections - 1986
Elections - 1987
Elections - 1988
Elections - 1989
Elections - 1990
Elections - 1991
Elections - 1992
Elections - 1993
Elections - 1994
Elections - 1995
Elections - 1996
Elections - Undated
Elections - undated, Elections - 1990,
Elections (Year, Date)
Elections 1911
Elections 1959
Elections 1960
Elections 1964
Elections 1964 Citizens for Progrss Committee
Elections 1965
Elections 1965, 1969, 1970, 1980, 1982, 1983
Elections 1965, 1978, 1987
Elections 1969
Elections 1971
Elections 1976
Elections 1977, 1955
Elections 1977,1980,1987,1990
Elections 1978
Elections 1978 & Undated
Elections 1979
Elections 1979, 1982
Elections 1979, 1991, 1995
Elections 1979, Undated, 1987
Elections 1979,1982, Undated
Elections 1980
Elections 1980, 1986, 1994
Elections 1981
Elections 1981, 1991
Elections 1982
Elections 1982 Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Elections 1982 New Orleans Mayor's Office
Elections 1982, 1979, 1977
Elections 1982, 1995
Elections 1983
Elections 1983 & Undated
Elections 1983, 1985
Elections 1983, 1986
Elections 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995
Elections 1983,1994
Elections 1984
Elections 1984, 1990
Elections 1985
Elections 1986
Elections 1986, 1990
Elections 1986-'87
Elections 1987
Elections 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994
Elections 1987, 1990
Elections 1987, 1991, 1995
Elections 1987, 1995
Elections 1988
Elections 1988, 1992
Elections 1988,1990,1991
Elections 1989
Elections 1989, 1990
Elections 1989, 1994
Elections 1990
Elections 1991
Elections 1992
Elections 1992, 1994
Elections 1993
Elections 1994
Elections 1994, 1995
Elections 1995
Elections 1995 Louisiana Women's Network
Elections 1996
Elections Undated
Elections. Undated
Elections: 1979
Elections: 1979, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1990
Elections: 1979, 1983, 1991
Elections 1997
Elections 1998
Elections 1999
Elections 2000
Elections 2001
Elections 2002
Elections 2003
Elections 2004
Elections 2005
Elections 2006
Elections 2007
Elections 2008
Elections 2009
Elections 2010
Elections 2011
Elections: Undated
Electrical Association
Electrical Association of New Orleans
Electrical Workers Home Association
Electro-Coal Transfer Terminal
Elenian Club
Elephant Tracks
Elizabeth, Louisiana
Ellender, Allen J.
Elmwood Medical Center
Elmwood Plantation
Elton, Louisiana
Elves of Oberon
Elysian Vision
Email New Orleans City Hall Email
Emil Moore & Company
Empire Pass Tarpon Rodeo
Empire South Pass Tarpon Rodeo, Chandleur-Ho Fishing Rodeo
Employer-Employee Relations Council & Personnel Committee
Employment Security
Empowered Duke Solutions
Endangenred Plants
Energy Center
Energy Theatre
Engineers Club of New Orleans
England Air Force Base
English Speaking Union
English Turn Development
Entergy Arts Business Center
Entergy Corp
Entergy Corporation
Entergy IMAX Theatre
Entergy. Teamwork Louisiana
Entomological Society of America
Entrepeneurial Center
Enviro Expo
Environmental Compliance Reporter
Environmental Research Consortium of Louisiana
Environment Program
Environmental Assessments
Environmental Assessments: Grand Isle, Louisiana
Environmental Solutions
Epilepsy Council
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans St. Paul's
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Churches
Episcopal Churches, New Orleans
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans River Ridge
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans Grace
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans: St. Anna's
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans: St. Augustine
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans: St. George
Episcopal Churches - New Orleans: Trinity
Episcopal Churches New Orleans: St. Margaret
Episcopal Churches New Orleans: St. Paul's
Episcopal Churches, New Orleans - Christ Church Cathedral
Episcopal Churches, New Orleans St. Paul's
Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana
Episcopal Ministry to Medical Education
Episcopal Churches, New Orleans - Christ Church Cathedral
Epps, Louisiana
Equine Syndication Management Corporation
Equal Rights Amendment
Equitable Shipyards
ERA Central
ERA Coalition
ERA of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
ERA United
Epsey, Hudson & Associates
Ernest M. Morial: Annual Reports
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Ernst & Whinney
Ernst & Whinney Miscellaneous Booklets
Ernst & Whinney. Finances & Taxes
Ernst & Young
Esmark Collection of Currier & Ives
The Esplanade
Esplanade Avenue Historic District
Esplanade Ridge Preservation Association
Esprit de Corps
Essence Music Festival
Esso New Orleans
Estelle Civic Association
Ethyl Corporation
Eucharistic Missionaries of Saint Dominic
Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominick
Eugene C. Daymude Auctions
Eunice, Louisiana
Eustis, George
Evangeline Downs
Evangeline Economic & Planning District
Evangeline Parish, Louisiana
Ex Libris
Exchange Club of New Orleans
Executive & Finance Committees Minutes, Executive
Experimental Aircraft Association
Expo 1988
Extension Services, Crescent City Clover
Eye & Ear Institute of Louisiana
Eye Foundation of America
Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat Hospital
Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana


F. Edward Hebert Hospital
F. Edward Hebert Library
Fabulous Thunderbirds, The
Fair Housing & Anti-Blockbusting Implementation in Real Estate
Fairmont Hotel **See also The Roosevelt Hotel
Fairmont Hotel - Blue Room
Fairview State Park
Faith Healers
Faith Healing
Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans
Family Health Foundation
Family Life Apostolate
Family Line Magazine
Family of Community & Utility Supporters
Family of the Americas Foundation
Family Service of Greater New Orleans
Family Service Society
Family Service of Greater New Orleans
Farell & Company
Farmerville, Louisiana
Fashion Group of New Orleans
Fast Legislative Action Service & Help
Father Seelos Center
Fauborg Marigny Bookstore
Fauborg St. John Neighborhood Association
Faubourg Marigny Corporation
Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association
Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association
Faubourg St. Mary Corporation
Faubourg Marengo Neighborhood Association
Faucheux, Ron
Faulkner Society
Faulkner Society
Federal Bar Association
Federal Building
Federal Executive Board
Federal Government Accountants Association
Federal Insurance Administration
Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of New Orleans
Federal Land Bank of New Orleans
Federal Programs & Services for Louisiana Communities
Federationist, The
Federated Council of New Orleans Garden Clubs
Felicity Street Redevelopment Project Incorporated
Fellows of the Institute of Politics
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Ferncrest School
Ferrara Supermarket
Ferriday, Louisiana
Fertility Institute of New Orleans
Fertility Center of New Louisiana
Festival of Animation
Festival of the Bonfires
Festival of Fins
Festival of Women in the Arts
Fessenden, Anna
Fete des Acadiens
Fidelity Homestead Association
Fidelity National Bank of Baton Rouge
Fiduciary Review
Field, Florence
Figure Skating Club of New Orleans
Film Industry in Louisiana
Finances & Taxes
Financial Learning Systems
Financial Analysts of New Orleans
Financing the Future
Financing the Future Coalition
The Final Solution
Fine Homes
Fire New Orleans 1788
First Aid
First American Bank
First Bancshares of Louisiana
First Bank & Trust
First Bank Slidell
First Bank St. Tammany Parish
First Baptist
First Commerce Corporation
First Commerce Real Estate
First Commerce Realty Investors
First Eastern Bank & Trust
First Financial Bank
First Homestead
First Homestead Federal Savings & Loan Association
First National Bank of Commerce, New Orleans
First National Bank in St. Mary's Parish
First National Bank of Commerce
First National Bank of Commerce, New Orleans
First National Bank of St. Bernard Parish
First National Bank of St. Bernard
First National Corporation
First State Bank
Fisher, Louisiana
Fisherman's Digest by HEK
Fisk Free & Public Library
Fittie's Folks
Fitzmorris, James E. Jr
Fitzmorris, Tom
Fitzpatrick, William H.
Five & Ten Mile Bayou Classic
Flagons, A Wine Bar
Flags, Louisiana
Flettrich, Lo-An
Fleur du Bois Garden Club
Flint-Goodridge Hospital
Flip Magazine
Flooding, Louisiana
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Parishes Economic Development Association
Florsheim, Lillian
Flier for the Anti-War Rally in Jackson Square Feb. 15th, 2003
Folklife Center News
Folse, John D.
Folsom, Louisiana
Fontainebleu State Park
Fontenot, Mary Alice
For Retirees
Ford, Bacon, & Davis
Ford Foundation Diversity Scholarships
Ford, Gerald R.
Foreign Firms in New Orleans
Foreign Policy Association
Foreign Policy Association of New Orleans
Foreign Relations Association
Foreign Relations Association of New Orleans
Foreign Trade Committee
Forest Hill, Louisiana
Forest Park Academy
Foreign Relations Association
Forster, Garey
Forster, Garey
Fort Jackson
Fort Jackson, Louisiana
Fort Jesup
Fort Macomb
Fort Pike
Fort Proctor
Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Commemorative Area
Fortier Gallery
Fortune Magazine Article
Forum for Equality
Fosberg, Barry
Foundation for Aging Research
Foundation for Health Education New Orleans
Foundation for Historical Louisiana
Foundation for Mid South
Foundation for the Macrobiotic Way
Foundation for the Mid South
Foundation of Soul & Gospel Music
Foundation/Southwest Louisiana
Founders of Natchitoches
Fountain Bay Club Hotel
Framework for the Future
France Amerique de la Louisiane
France Louisiana Festival
France-Amerique de la Louisiane
France-Louisiana Festival
Frances Plantation
Francis D. Blake's School for Girls
Francis House
Francofete: See Also Periodical Index
Franklin, Louisiana
Franklinton, Louisiana
Fraternal Order of Police
Fred E. Lelaurin Agency
Free & Accepted Masons
Free University
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
Freeman, Alfred Bird
French Creole Family
Freeport McMoran
Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold
Freeport McMoran Eenergy Partners
Freeport McMoran Global Resource
Freeport McMoran News Release
Freeport McMoran Oil & Gas Royalty Trust
Freeport McMoran Resource Partners
Freeport Minerals
Freeport Sulpher
French-American Chamber of Commerce
French Commercial Counsellor for the Southern States
French Commercial Counsellor.
French Consulate
French Creole Family
French Cultural Services
French Market
French Market Homestead
French Opera House.
French Quarter Business Association
French Quarter Business Association: Casino Gambling
French Quarter Festival
French Quarter Sights & Sounds
French Quarter Werewolves Guild
Freret St.
Freret St. Development Corp.
Freret Street Development Corp.
Freret Street Merchants' Association
Friends Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Friends Meeting of New Orleans
Friends of AIDS
Friends of Amistad
Friends of Libraries, USA
Friends of AIDS Law of Louisiana
Friends of the Archives of Louisiana
Friends of the Cabildo
Friends of Charity/ Partners in Caring
Friends of City Park New Orleans
Friends of Germain Wells
Friends of Kams Fund
Friends for Life
Friends of Magnolia Mound
Friends of Music
Friends of the Lake
Friends of the New Orleans Public Library
Friends of Our Troops
Friends of Pools & Fountains
Friends of the Psychologically Handicapped
Friends of Rivertown
Friends of St. Alphonsus
Friends of St. Louis Cathedral
Friends of Scouting
Friends of UNO Library
Friends of the Zoo
Friends of Westminster Tower
Fromherz Engineers
Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense
Fun City Times
Fundacion Hispanoamericana de Arte
Funeral Directors
Funeral Homes
Funny Business
Future Business Leaders of America


G.E. Gifford, Jr: Audubon, John James
G.S. Info
Galerie Simonne Stern
Galerie St. Etienne
Galilean Missions
Gallatoire's (Les Nouvelles)
Gallery Circle Theater
Gallery for Fine Photography
Gallery Rinard
Gallier House
Galvez, Bernardo de
Gaming Industry Research Institute of the South
Garden District Academy
Garden District Association
Garden District Association, New Orleans Drug Stores K&B
Garden District
Garden District Carnival Club
Garden of Memories Mausoleum & Memorial State Park
Garner, Joel
Garyville, Louisiana
Gateway Hotel
Gaudet Frances Joseph
Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance
Gay People's Coalition
Gebremedhin, Tesfa G.
Geismar Chemical Plant
Gem & Mineral Society of Louisiana
Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans
General Agents & Managers Assn. of New Orleans
General Elections Louisiana Commissioner of Louisiana
General Federation of Women's Clubs
General Services Administration
General Society of the War of 1812: The 1812 War Cry
General Health Systems
Gentilly Folk Festival
Gentilly Terrace & Gardens Improvement Association
Geo. Steiner Productions
George Engine
George Engine Company
George Herget Books
George S. Kausler
Georgetown, Louisiana
Georgia Southern University
Georgia Pacific
Geoscience Technology Services Corporation
Geothermal Energy
Gerde Institutional Food Service
Germain Wells
German American Cultural Center
German Week in New Orleans
Gertrude Stein Society
Gert-Town Resource Center
Gestalt Institute of New Orleans, New York
Getty Publications
Ghebremedhin, Tefsa G.
Gibsland, Louisiana
Gibson, Louisiana
Gilbert, Louisiana
Gilliam, Louisiana
Giordano, Dominique
Girl Scouts
Girls Scouts Information
Gist of the Week
Gitter Yelen Foundation
Glass, Gaines
Glenmora, Louisiana
Global Maritime Ministries, Inc.
Global Wildlife Foundation
Glossary of New Orleans Terms
Glossary, Louisiana Terms
Goals & Foundation for Metropolitan New Orleans
Goals for Louisiana
Goals for Louisiana Goals Foundation for Metropolitan New Orleans
Goals Foundation Council
Goals Foundation for Metropolitan New Orleans
Goals to Grow
Godchaux & Mayer, Ltd.
Goldanna, Louisiana
Golden Age Club
Golden Meadow, Louisiana
Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company
Gonzales, Louisiana
Good News in Action
Good Shepherd School, The
Gooding, Judson
Goodwill Industries
Gordon L. Joseph & Associates
Gordon, Kate
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
Goudchaux-Maison Blanche
Gourmet on the Go
Governor's Conference on Economic Development
Governor's Conference on the Arts & Humanities
Governor's Press Office
Governors of Louisiana
Grace Episcopal Church
Grace House of New Orleans
Grambling State University Journal of Business & Economic Studies
Grambling State University
Grambling State University Journal of Learning Improvement
Grambling State University Alumni Magazine
Grambling, Lousiana
Gramercy, Louisiana
Grand Cane, Lousiana
Grand Coteau, Louisiana
Grand Isle, Louisiana
Grand Isle, Louisiana Bayou Rigaud
Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana
Grandmeres d'Orleans
Grand Prix du Mardi Gras
Grant Parish
Grant Parish, Louisiana
Grassroots Discussion Forum, New Orleans
Grassroots Discussion Forum, New Orleans 1980
Grassroots Discussion Forum, New Orleans 1981
Gravier Community Improvement Project
Gray Line, The
Grayson, Louisiana
Grearer New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission
Great American Corporation
Great Cities' Universities
Greathall Productions Incorporated
Great Louisiana Birdfest
Great New Orleans Marathon
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission
Greater New Olreans Housing Development Corporation
Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO
Greater New Orleans Amateur Radio Club
Greater New Orleans Archivists
Greater New orleans Area Bromeilad Societies
Greater New Orleans Association for Reatrded Citizens
Greater New Orleans Association of Life Underwriters
Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association
Greater New Orleans Battered Women's Network
Greater New Orleans Black Tourism Network
Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society
Greater New Orleans Bridge
Greater New Orleans Bridge, Greater New Orleans Bridge, New, Mississippi River Crossings
Greater New Orleans Bridge, New
Greater New Orleans Camera Club
Greater New Orleans Coalition of Firefighters
Greater New Orleans Code Committee
Greater New Orleans Council of Civic Club Presidents
Greater New Orleans Council of Civic Clubs
Greater New Orleans Dart Association
Greater New Orleans Education Foundation
Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission
Greater New Orleans Family Services
Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches
Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches: Operation Mainstream
Greater New Orleans Floral Trail
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Greater New Orleans Free-Net
Greater New Orleans Green Party
Greater New Orleans Homstead
Greater New Orleans Hotel-Motel Assn.
Greater New Orleans Housing Development Corporation
Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society
Greater New Orleans Joint AFL-CIO Committee
Greater New Orleans Library Club
Greater New Orleans Marathon
Greater New Orleans Marketing Committee
Greater New Orleans Mississippi River Bridge & Approaches - News Briefs
Greater New Orleans Museum Educators Society
Greater New Orleans Ostomy Association
Greater New Orleans Regional Foundation
Greater New Orleans Regional Economic Alliance
Greater New Orleans Runners Association
Greater New Orleans Shopper, The
Greater New Orleans Spina Bifida Association
Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation
Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame
Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame
Greater New Orleans Teach for America
Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission
Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission Foreign Tourism Commission
Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission New Orleans Tours
Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission, New Orleans Guides, South Central Bell
Greater New Orleans Tourtist & Convention Commission: New Orleans Tours Inter-Tour-Louisiane
Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra
Greater Tulane Avenue Association
Greek Orthodox
Greek Orthodox Community of New Orleans
Greek Orthodox Community of New Orleans Hellenic Cultural Center
Green Gumbo
Green Market New Orleans, Friends of
Green Room Gazette
Greenhouse Adolescent Crisis Center
Greensberg, Louisiana
Greenwood Plantation
Greenwood, Louisiana
Gretna Historical Society
Gretna, Louisiana
Gridiron Show
Gridiron Show
Grima Family
Grimball, Gorronda, Savoye
Grimball, Gorrondona, Savoye
Groesch, Gary L.
GTS Corporation
Guaranty Bank
Guide, The
Guide Magazine
Guide New Orleans
Guide to Hispanic Resources
Gulf Air
Gulf Atlantic Warehouse Company
Gulf Carribean Fisheries Exposition
Gulf Coast Arts & Entertainment Review
Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
Gulf Coast Computing
Gulf Coast International Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Gulf Coast Tenants
Gulf Coast Textile Chemistry Conference
Gulf Fleet Marine Corporation
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico Biologically Sensitive Areas
Gulf of Mexico Foundation
Gulf Oil
Gulf South Annual Research Insitute
Gulf South Bancshares
Gulf South Bird Club
Gulf South Compression Conference
Gulf South Historical Association
Gulf South Minority Purchasing Council
Gulf South Research Institute
Gulf States Industrial Conference
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
Gulf Transporation Terminal Command
Gulf Universities Research Corporation
Gulfco Investment Group
Gulfco Investment, Incorporated
Gulfco Investments
Gulf-Wandes Corporation
Gumbel Vocational Training Center
Gumbo Magazine
Gus Mayer
Guste, William J.
Gutenberg, Mongoose